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  1. I'm planning on going to a local amusement park (Kings Island) alone tomorrow. This would be my first time going alone to the theme park as a solo trip. Unfortunately there are no single-rider line ques but it's a Monday so I expect the park to be fairly empty. Has anyone here been to a theme park alone and can they tell me their experience? I'm pretty introverted so I don't expect to talk much while at the park. I guess I'm just paranoid because I don't want to seem out of place for being alone and getting awkward stares, etc.. I really love roller coasters but no one I know can make it with me. Please tell me your experiences going alone to any theme park and would you recommend it?v
  2. Heyo! Baring in mind that we're still—somewhat—in times of plague, and therefore travel plans can be up in the air, I've been going stir-crazy, and wondering how worth it a little October theme park trip would be. VidMate Was thinking about visiting Silver Dollar City for my first time, but wanted input of anyone who's been. How is the park in the fall? How are the rides? Usually open? Mostly closed? (obviously not expecting any water rides to be open, but who knows). We're thinking about heading o Mobdro ver sometime around Oct 20-23rd, but dates are flexible. That said, would love to hear any other recommendations for parks to visit in fall. We're based in Utah (and already have plenty of plans to hit up Lagoon), but obviously are willing to fly out if it's worth the trip.
  3. Hello, I have played a lot with rct's games or recently Parkitect and I've gone on similar games but in other themes like prison architect, sim airport or airport CEO and after playing these games, i've got a question. Why there is not a daily gestion scale of our parks with opening and closing hours where guests entrer and leave park daily and leaves a window for high maintenance and cleaning.
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