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  1. so the only theme park sport i've played is "topic park global" at the ps2 and that i genuinely cherished it, so i've been thinking of finding a more moderen subject matter park/roller coaster sport to play on laptop. planet coaster gave the look of loads of amusing and i love how unfastened you're inside the building segment, but the park management in it appears to be lacking.. so i'm searching out the first-class sport that has each a high-quality gadget for constructing your very ow n curler coasters however additionally dealing with your park after you've built the whole thing. what would you men propose for me? some thing this is playable on windows 10. cheers!
  2. Yes, the defunct one that used to be in Downtown East. Does anyone else remember it having a Digimon Theme when it first opened? It wasn't pay-per-entry, and had a punch card system where you paid for stamps on your card, and operators would punch out one or 2 stamps for each ride. There were a bunch of random Digimon statues around the park, and the stamp on the punch card was an Agumon stamp. I remember this being the case when I visited shortly after it opened, but nobody except for my twin sister can seem to remember this10.
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