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  1. I'm already starting to think about the next coaster at Waldameer. Even though it might not be for a few years, I think I have a solid prediction. I personally am returning to that RMC idea awhile back as the manufacturer released two new concepts on their website. Either or could work out for the park when space and money allows. All pictures are from the RMC website and I will link them below! Just some food for thought :) Links: https://www.rockymtnconstruction.com/steel-coasters/ https://www.rockymtnconstruction.com/family-hybrid-coasters/
  2. I can agree that Waldameer has a great relationship with Zamperla. The park has added 8 rides since 1999 and I don't see why they can't continue with that. I say most likely, the next ride will be Zamperla due to these circumstances. An air race is definitely possible as Waldameer has proved that upside down rides can work for the thrill seekers. An Endeavour could also work as well. That new Gryphon does look intriguing and I could see Waldameer jumping early to trends. Down below is a Zamperla wish list of rides I could see- 1. Air Race/Super Air Race (Named Aeronaut) 2. En
  3. I'm going to make my best guess on what could had been. I speculate that the rides would've been manufactured by Zamperla since the park works very well with them and I could see more rides from them going forward. One of the rides I could had seen was a Air Race replacing Spider and the other one could of been a Endeavour or Nebulaz replacing Mega Vortex or going next to Chaos. That's just my speculation and anything could change in the plans but that's my best educated guess :)
  4. I was at Season Pass Photo Day this past Saturday and wanted to update you all on what I saw- 1. Various rides and other things were repainted (Mega Vortex, Spider, Umbrellas, Steel Dragon, Charlie the Clown) 2. Water World entrance just removed the turnstiles and added tables for what I believe will be for bag checks 3. The new food tent is huge and I personally will call it "Bigger Blue Tent" 4. The Ravine Flyer II retracking looks great. You would be fooled if you said it looked like a GCI 5. Carousel Delights surprised me! The Dippin Dots Sundaes are new for
  5. There are less than 10 days until Season Pass Photo Day and I just wanted to update on progress at Waldameer. Pieces are starting to come together for the 125th season but I will be investigating more in the coming weeks. The Food Stand Reveal: Last month, I mentioned about a new food stand coming where the former Zeke's Shack game used to operate. Now we have an answer regarding it. The name of this place will be Carousel Delights and will be severing foods such as nachos, Dippin Dots, and much more. I am a bit disappointed that a new food option wasn't coming but it will be anot
  6. It's been awhile since the last post but there are some hopes for the 2021 season at Waldameer. It was revealed in a local news article that the park is making several changes to improve the park for it's 125th season. Here's the breakdown: The Fate Of The "2021" Rides: In the original plan, Waldameer was going to continue their current 10 year plan and add two new rides to the park. The type of ride and location were not known but what do we know is that these rides are cancelled according to owner Paul Nelson. He revealed that only 27% of their regular attendance showed up to the
  7. Waldameer posted this interesting picture this morning about a slide that never came to be for their water park Water World. In 1991, a new tower dubbed the "Awesome Tower" debuted with the fitting slide Awesome Twosome. 1992 followed with an additional slide named Midnight Plunge. Those nostalgic fans might remember the slides being colored an aqua green and black respectively. However, when the tower was designed, there was room for a 3rd water slide in the middle of the two existing slides and it was to be named Liquid Lightning. If they continued with their expansion plan, Liquid Lightning
  8. You make a very good point about this! As Waldameer is my home park, I can see trends that might not be as obvious. With your point, your are right, there is no signature attraction down there. This was also replicated during the 1930s and there was a similar fate. Beyond Mega Vortex is picnic groves and in a non-pandemic world, these picnic groves are busy with people. Mega Vortex is that "standby" ride that people pass upon and may or may not ride. This could be solved with that aforementioned plan that was talked about in 2018 with the announcement of Chaos. Expanding downward and coming fu
  9. This is my first rodeo on a coaster enthusiast thread but my home park is Waldameer and I own a roller coaster channel called InsaneCoasterJunkie. With that out of the way and while future expansions wait, I'm here to draft some ideas on what could the parks future could consist of. I spent quite some time looking at previous threads and rumors, along with my extensive knowledge of the park, and a bit of personal taste! I will list my sources at the end. Buckle that seat belt, pull down that lap bar, and enjoy your ride on Jay's Wild & Whacky Waldameer Predictions! Part I: The UNfortun
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