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  1. There is such a thing as overdoing safety. Cedar Point was to the point of being absurd with sending all of those ghost trains after sanitizing. Thankfully, Kings Island didn't do that nonsense. They wiped down but never sent ghost trains. It sounds like Carowinds was a mess. I'm glad I didn't go this year. I thought Dollywood, Six Flags Over Georgia, Disney and Universal did much better with ops.
  2. Today everthing was pretty much a walk-on. It got a little busier after it got dark (5-10 minute waits on a few rides), but yeah it's dead this week.
  3. From Universal Orlando on Twitter today: "We are making a modification to our loading procedures for The Incredible Hulk Coaster and Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit. To accommodate Guest demand, we will load every row of the vehicle while still ensuring there is separation between Guests onboard." Let's hope this catches on everywhere!
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