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  1. 15 minutes ago, jray21 said:

      I've been to some parks where the merge point was very close to the loading area so it was virtually walk ons all day.  I've also been to some parks that the merge points were further back and it would still take 20-30 minutes, so the platinum didn't really make a difference since you could just reserve the next ride after the merge and 20-30 minutes later your gold pass ride would be ready.  

    Many of the coasters the merge Points are all in different points in the queue.
    Most of the merge points on coasters lead mostly into the station, or stairs before the station.
    Joker's is my least favorite because you still have to wait 20 minutes because they merge you at the split point.
    But most of them are walk on or station wait, If you want to do JDC and Wonder women and skip that line I would recommend Platinum but JDC line moves quick and Wonder women I use my member Skip the line on it. (JDC has no Skip the line rn)

  2. 57 minutes ago, grsupercity said:

    I still can not believe the train was able to leave the final brake run with the other train still in the station. Eltororyan needs to show those workers how a block section works lol

    The poster did give us an update. They were on the block of 10 minutes, then maintenance forwarded the train into the station causing a collision.
    BTW they got a refund and they did call a lawyer.

  3. Shivering Timbers did bump. Credit to Cassie Villarreal on Facebook.
    "So FIRST ride is Shivering Timbers. Ride went fine but then we got stuck trying to get off. They literally SLAMMED us into the cart in front of us that hadn’t taken off. No apology except from the teenage employees working the ride. No medical check. They took our names and seat number and nothing else. No phone numbers or anything. They then just let us go. No compensation or anything for literally crashing us at probably 30mph into an object not moving at all. The metal and actual track broke from the impact. Michigan’s Adventure is a joke and needs to STEP UP."


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  4. 3 hours ago, BitterOldHag said:

    So I am considering a visit to Coney Island this week (Thursday) for the first time ever and was wondering if anyone could help out with a few questions I have.  


    1) I went a few years ago and parking wasn't bad. There is parking near Cyclone, We went with a payed parking location. I believe there is a couple of those nearby and we payed for a few hours. 

    2) You can DEF get your rides in within 4 hours, that's all you need I feel. 

    4) Deno's can DEF be done within an hour, maybe less

    5) IDK about the single thing but I've heard sketch stuff from American Dream Employees.

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  5. I've heard a couple stories of dummies' being ejected.

    You got the one at Playland's castaway cove, 2 dummies' were ejected and landed on a hotel roof. park laughed about it, and it's still safe.

    Dummies that "Blow Up" and have no legs are more prone to being ejected when water is loss.


  6. 7 hours ago, Lightnin Loops said:

    Great night at Coaster Power Hrs again, minus  no Ka night rides again at this event.   This was my 3rd time going    And 3rd time not getting any night rides on Ka.   It broke down about 845 or 9.    30 min later   they called it.  Closed for the night.  Other then that   it was great night   Loved  SFNJ ditching the masks rule a day early.   Was stunned they didnt even enforce it  in indoor locations like  main street pub or funnel cake place next door.   we found it only being enforced at skull mtn.  

    I was their yesterday too. They were enforcing it on Justice League (Played an announcement if someone took their mask down) and on Dark Knight their was a security guard in the "Pre Show" room

  7. 1 hour ago, jamesinclair said:

    I was just looking at the mall directory map and was shocked by how few stores there are. Theyve resorted to listing both (3?) floors of shopping on a single image to make it seem more full than it is...



    It's so eerie, I went president's weekend pre-covid to Nick Uni. (Only time I could go) and walking through the whole "Mall" and not seeing a single person was so weird. It didn't get busy till 1-2, I talked to other people and they were also disappointed about the whole place. (Selling cold food) I was all for this place to open and it flopped so hard. Was thinking on going again for Sandy but it's probably not worth it. I love to support places but American Dream is a no go. I would rather support a place like Casino Pier and Morey's

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  8. 6 hours ago, Vonni said:

    I was looking at Michigan's Adventure on GoogleMaps and noticed the lagoon right in the middle of the parking lot. I found that to be quite odd lol. 

    Retention ponds I believe there called. Depending on what areas of the country you go to, you have them next to parking lots so the area doesn't flood and water runoff has a place to go. I've seen them a couple times at Walmart's, Hotel, Gated Communities, and other places. Their usually there when the area is very flat and get a lot of snow/rain

  9. On 3/1/2021 at 12:08 PM, bert425 said:

    Rodeo, Round-up, & Scrambler flats, all ran excellent programs -- not quite to traveling carnival level, but better than standard Six Flags programs.

    Does Rodeo still have the No Single Riders rule?
    When I visited a couple years ago, I ended up riding with the supervisor. I was pretty surprised with the no single rider rule, because the crazy Break Dance's in Europe don't even have that rule

  10. On 2/11/2021 at 6:30 PM, coasterbill said:

    Honestly I can’t believe they haven’t closed yet. They have a ton of land within walking distance of Niagara Falls that’s probably worth an unreal amount of money and they’re using it for a dying amusement park that nobody likes. It’s bigger than the entire Clifton Hill section of the tourist area of town. You could fit so many hotel rooms / casinos / whatever that it’s just insane to me that they own this much land within walking distance of the falls and they’re using it for... this.

    Surprisingly they had a campground called "King Waldorfs" that apparently got sold, stayed at it once it was alright. Good for the price and for a night in the camper, didn't do the pool. Mostly walked around Niagara. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g154998-d252849-Reviews-King_Waldorf_s-Niagara_Falls_Ontario.html

  11. 5 hours ago, anonymouscactus said:

    Didn't watch the video or see any of the details other than what was posted above, but as someone who lives near Niagara Falls.... ummmmm... good luck with that. Place feels like a ghost town in the winter, and MarineLand is a ghost town, well, always... -- I don't think moving to year round operations will change that.


    If you think about if they put a section of the park indoors like Toverland, they can easily have it a year round park. Winter events in Canada have been pretty popular (Winterfest). It would also be tough competition for wonderland

  12. Looks like Marineland and the Town of Niagara is expanding
    Amusement Insiders posted a video talking about the expansion, here are some notes from that video
    The Town of Niagara is planning

    • The town of Niagara said that Marineland is an important aspect for Niagara Falls Tourism and they're gonna rely on investing into the park and in such get the park to year round operation and all day fun
    • Changing height limit in some areas from 10 stories to 30 stories
    • Planning a people mover that connects all the Casinos and tourist attractions


    • By 2031 Marineland will be a completely different park
    • Planning an onsite hotel when the park goes year round and all day
    • starting a rapid expansion plan and, "There are alot of attractions coming along with it."
    • "There will a be a roller coaster that's going to fit in this expansion plan, sometime sooner that later."
    • Will most likely receive city funding for the expansion
    • The hotel will most likely be 10 stories with 150 rooms to 30 stories with 232 rooms (We don't know exactly but around there for height and rooms)



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  13. Looks like American Dream is getting a couple new kiddie flat rides

    -We have a Zamperla Speedway that looks like a clone or similar to Zooma's Zoomer, a Paw Patrol ride at Movie Park Germany

    -According to someone from Reddit who went to Nick Uni (Photo is from him) he saw, "a mini jungle looking swing ride. It’s already put in place, just boxed off from everything. You can see it clear as day."

    Link for the Jungle swing comment

    Link to the photo of the new ride


    screencapture-preview-redd-it-cy1qlf0wkya61-jpg-1610509449799 (1).png


  14. 9 hours ago, Mike240SX said:

    Sounds to me like the problem is the douchebag doing the filming, but maybe that's just me.  Homeboy sounded like he had a point to make after being "treated so unfairly, woe is me" over the camera issue.  By the way, it has been Six Flags Corporate Policy since I started working for them in 1998 that professional-grade cameras were not allowed to be used anywhere on park property without permission.  If someone violates that, and then gives the security staff a hard time about it (which, by his attitude in the video, I'm 99.9% sure happened), that's when they call the police.  This "videographer" should be happy that they let them continue their day at the park instead of having them arrested for trespassing, which is what its called when a property owner no longer wants you there. The fact that the idiot, low level, barely-over-minimum wage, seasonal security guard at the main gate let them in with it does not negate their policy.

    Finally, bringing "loose articles" in your pockets on a ride wherein the seats basically encompasses all around your hips is not "endangering guests."  Jesus you're so melodramatic about it, I almost think that you might be the videographer, in which case you're in violation of TPR's rules about promotion of competing YouTube channels.

    Edit:  Oh, the ride ops missed unsecured legs?  Yeah, that might be something.

    Edit 2:  Watched through the whole video this time.  Its hard to tell with the masks, but the dude with his leg out sure looks a whole lot like the friend of the videographer, who would certainly have an ax to grind after the camera issue "treatment."  I'm calling that the kid intentionally slipped his leg out after it was secured to make the park look bad.   I've never been to SFOG, but at the installation at SFGAdv, the ride ops need to manually secure each seats ankle restraints, and there's no way doing that they would've missed a leg being in it.  Sure, bad on the ride ops for not catching it, but shame on the kid too.

    The thing is this isn't the first time the leg thing happened, there is a photo out there were a dude didn't have his legs secured in the restraint and the ride ops still dispatched the train onto the lift.

    Great Adventure employees are trained to kick the leg flaps, I also know Great Adventure was strict with cameras and he complained at that time, he also complained majorly (At that time) of the El Toro Locker Policy. I remember when his friend group went to Japan it was constant complaining about how the parks assigned seating and how Japanese parks did there own thing unlike the US. The one that made me stop watching him is on Phoenix he was really upset when the park was doing assigned seating and got a middle row and decided to fight to get back row (This was during the pandemic).  He also got cancelled for other stuff, I hate how people like this guy is an influence in the coaster community, there are only a couple coaster youtubers that I have respect for. (Theme Park Crazy,El Toro Ryan)

    (Sorry for any spelling errors)

  15. Phoenix Coming to Deno's Wonder wheel park (Date/year not announced yet)

    In an interview with USA Today Deno “DJ” Vourderis, a third-generation member of the family that owns and operates the park announced Phoenix


    This Vekoma Family Invert is 68 feet tall and travel at a speed of 34 mph. This family invert will deliver thrills, but it will be accessible to younger children and those who might be intimidated by bigger, faster rides. 

    The name, Phoenix, represents the sensation of flight that the suspended coaster will deliver. Its trains will hang beneath the tracks, and passengers will soar through the course on floorless, ski lift-like cars with their feet dangling. But, according to Vourderis, the name also signifies rebirth Vourderis also Said, “When this (pandemic) is all over, I think we will have another Roaring '20s,” he says. “We will most certainly rise from the ashes and give birth to the best of times at Coney Island.”

    This coaster was intended for the parks 100th anniversary which has been delayed


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