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  1. Looks like everything is open now except the Skyride. "Summer 2022" is more than half over.
  2. Anyone have any guesses on when the Skyride might reopen? Williamsburg’s is back in action.
  3. How late is late afternoon? Just curious as I am planning to go this Friday and would love to ride the Skyride. I think the park opens at noon.
  4. Can anyone confirm the Skyride is back open? Website says open Fri/Sat/Sun which is a bit odd since that's the hours of the park right now anyway.
  5. Anyone heard anything about the Skyride? If they aren't ever going to open it, maybe they should tear it down
  6. Any signs of life for the sky ride? Six Flags Over Georgia decided to permanently close theirs.
  7. Does anyone know when or if the Skyride will open again? I don’t think it has operated since the park reopened.
  8. Sorry to double post but I am really curious about whether the Skyride is open. Can anyone help me out? Busch Gardens has theirs closed due to social distancing.
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