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  1. I was excited about the renewal offer until I saw the $85 upgrade fee for gold. Not sure a 6-month extension is worth that much, even though I'm sure it would pay for itself for a lot of people. Just seems crazy that an upgrade would cost more than the pass itself.
  2. ^ May I ask how that works since wait times are only shown on the app if you're in the park? Just curious. Also, thank you for this service! Hopefully someday I won't have to reference the site so often to check on LR's status...
  3. I'm planning to visit the park tomorrow. To those who have been this season, is it worth it? I should be there all day. The primary driving factor is my fear of getting stuck in one of the indoor queues (Mr. Freeze, Batman, JL, etc.) with people not wearing their face masks.
  4. I’m planning to visit on Thursday and Friday of this coming week... Should I splurge on Fast Lane?
  5. Does anyone know when/if the park will open reservation time slots when people cancel? I was hoping to get a 10:30 reservation for my visit next week, but they were all gone. I was hoping to get a head start on Orion...
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