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  1. You may consider me a troll, and you may consider it immature all you wish, but all I'm doing is calling it as I see it. Let's put it this way. When was the last time our park had a major investment put into it that? Flat rides don't count here, while they are an investment to be sure, they aren't considered a major investment. In 2020 we got the updated entrance, and really all they did was give us a fountain and knock down the ticket area. I'm not sure that counts as a major renovation. But it was a welcome one, to be sure, the ticket area had been looking run down for.. ever.. Anyway, back to my point. 2008 we got Pandemonium which brought to it a major renovation of that area, American thunder in 2007 brought a major redesign on the pavilion area, and the unfortunate shortening of the moon cars that would be to come. 2006 brought us the looney toons kids park which besides hurricane harbor in 1999, is one of largest renovations in the parks history that is not a coaster. How about the carousel? Again, an investment, and a welcome one, but not a major one. Xcalibur? An investment again, not a major one though. In 2012 we lost the bumper cars for boomerang, there is an argument to be made that it is a major investment, but all they really did was take down the building, they really didnt do anything to the surrounding areas except ruin the view of the screaming eagle. Every time someone ranks all the chains in the park, ours always comes in near the bottom, which is extremely unfortunate. Our park has 40 acres sitting unused, not to mention a huge section of parking lot by hurricane harbor that was quite literally full of weeds that could be used. We get a little thing every year. The last major investment? Either 2013, or 2008. Which would be 8 years ago, or 13 years ago. Don't get me wrong, I'm incredibly thankful the maintenance backlog has been caught up, the new decking has been put down, and what not. But to say corporate likes our park? In my opinion, no. I personally believe corporate doesn't like our park. And the lack of major investments shows.
  2. It's still like that. Which is what these people don't understand. There are people in corporate and in park management who hate our park. There was a time when corporate would invest big money in our park. Our park got the only coaster in 2008. Mr freeze was a colossal disaster when it was first built. But corporate stuck it out and went way over budget to get it to work. We had some big licensing deals back then. And magically, they got pulled. If we had management on both sides who loved our park and would put the money into it, we would see crowds like we used to. And I'm talking hour long crowds for every ride like we used to get. We absolutely have the population for that. Catwoman doesn't open until next year. A ride that was meant to open up in 2020. Meanwhile, a lot of other parks got their rides in 2021, some in 2020 anyway, and we go two years without a new ride. Our 50th was an absolute joke. Other parks in the chain celebrating theirs got a lot more money and effort put into their celebrations. But please, everyone tell me our park isnt hated. Our park is hated. And it's time everyone accept that.
  3. It's exactly how it works. We just dont bring in the revenue to warrant spending the money on a new coaster. Look, face the facts. the ROI on a coaster just isnt there for our park. And don't get me wrong, I absolutely love our park, what we have its amazing. But we aren't getting a coaster this year, next year, or anytime in the next 5 to 10 years. It is what it is. I'm still gonna enjoy the hell out of the park. But we should stop living in some fantasy land that cooperate is going to spend that kind of money on it. It's not gonna happen.
  4. The maintenance budget is pennies. Only in the last couple years have they finally allocated a decent budget to catch up on the backlog. When was the last time we had a NEW coaster? 2007. 14 years ago. Boomerang was 8 years ago. Every ride we have gotten has been a generic clone other parks have gotten. Great America got a new coaster in 2019. But sure, keep telling yourself corporate doesn't hate our park. They do.
  5. There is still a ton of space the park could use for new areas or coaster. But we should face it, we aren't getting a new coaster anytime soon. Corporate absolutely hates our park. We are lucky we got the all the maintenance, new fences and decks we did.
  6. Month to month memberships look better for quarterly profits. Which is probably why they want to switch everyone to them.
  7. The entitlement is absolutely crazy. I got yelled at in line because I let a disabled girl have the entire front row to herself, she thanked me, while the people behind me cursed at me. Like you can wait another 10 minutes calm the heck down.
  8. Corporate doesn't care about our park. That's a simple fact. Corporate neglected the park with simple maintenance for years and it turned people away, and since then people would rather go to holiday world, or six flags great America. Which is unfortunate for those of us who really care about the park.
  9. It's well known that Six Flags St. louis is one of the chains lowest favored chains in corporates eyes. We take what we can get.
  10. My hype meter is just off the charts. I cannot wait to see it back.
  11. They modified Eagle? That's illegal in my book. That coaster is a landmark, and shouldn't have been modified.
  12. Maybe they have another ride planned there for 2023 that better uses the space? I honestly don't know.
  13. This makes complete sense. This will drive traffic to the back of the park, where a lot of games are. Especially if they take the left path. It also could be they already have infrastructure there for power and stuff like that, saves cost? Could be both, or other reasons.
  14. https://www.facebook.com/9556621915/posts/10157623951056916/ SFSTL posted a video of things they have been doing in the spring. I saw a whole lot of painting in the video. Hopefully the park won't look as run down! Pretty excited there.
  15. Reservations are required to enter the park. They ask for it at parking. There aren't exceptions as far as I know. You should be able to make reservations up until 7am of that day.
  16. Superman has been removed from the app. Curiously, I don't see anything about the moon cars on the app either.
  17. People usually went to the back for Eagle though, so I think the queue length will be the same. The other rides are just conveniently located there, so they end up riding them since they were there anyway.
  18. Superman is a maintenance nightmare for them. The joker is actually quite simple. The question on if it's operated is whether they have the man power to do it. I'm actually going to miss the Superman, I've gotten used to seeing it as I walk in the park
  19. Did they say anything new? I'm more interested if they revealed some upcoming change or something.
  20. This excites me. They have desperately needed a paint job for a couple years now. It looks extremely well done as well. Gotta say, love that look.
  21. Which won't attract new sources of revenue for them. You can't expect regular average people to want to come to SFSTL for it's "charm", they aren't enthusiasts like we are. I enjoy the park for what it is, but in the eyes of an average person, SFSTL is meh at best.
  22. There is four Zamperla Endeavour's in the chain. It's not exactly a "rare" ride. We may have a selection of classic rides, but thats it. Six flags doesn't add massive eye popping attractions to our park often. We've had American thunder, and pandemonium as our last big attractions. Boomerang doesn't count. Supergirl doesn't count either. Please tell me the last time we had an eye popping attraction? I'll wait.
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