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  1. Besides that, Excalibur gets decent ridership when it's open. Superman hardly gets anything, all the times I've been there it's been walk on. Excalibur always has a 5-10 minute wait.
  2. This won't happen. The reason why is Six Flags just got done retracking most of The Boss, and they removed the double helix in favor of a single helix. Guess who did that? RMC. So since RMC literally has hands on experience with The Boss, it's way more likely to receive the RMC treatment, if Six Flags were to ever do that. However, considering they spent a lot of money retracking, and overhauling the trains, it's unlikely that will happen either. The Screaming Eagle would be the most likely to receive that kind of treatment, at least when you factor in recent expenses for both coa
  3. Ouch.. Just shows you how much the entertainment industry was hit. Hopefully third quarter will be better, since a lot of parks are reopening, although at reduced capacities, and lets hope the world improves enough we won't have to re-shut them down.
  4. Boss can't be cycled empty. Empty trains cannot compete the course. I thought I've seen empty trains run after a short stoppage. Depends on were the train stops. If it is at the MCBR it will complete the course without issue. If it is on the lift and is unloaded then sent 98% of the time it won't make it to the MCBR. In this case, they only had a single train with people, the second train was loaded with sandbags that were strapped down. Empty trains can be ran on the boss, they have done it before, however I'm not sure it's been done since the removal of the double helix and the retrack
  5. I made a suggestion to them on the survey that they could rotate the rows they use, so say the first row is used, they wouldnt use the second one, as its being disinfected, and after that they send what would be the first row people to the second row, and disinfect the first row and run it, that way you dont have to cycle the trains. It would be a little more work on the ride ops to do that, but it would shorten queue times by a lot. Not that they were long to begin with, but on the roller coasters it would help. The Boss still doesnt have it's third train, which may be why they arent cycling
  6. Hopefully they keep up with the improvements, if they do it would attract more people to the park, since almost every complaint is "it feels run down". A new coaster would do wonders too, but that won't be happening in the future, not at least for another 5-10 years anyway.
  7. It's more than just drying it off, the longer the product sits, the more effective it is, so the 45 seconds or so it takes for a coaster to go up the chain lift makes the product much more effective against viruses. And lysol would be the consumer version, their health and safety says they are using commercial grade stuff, which typically means the product has 2-5 times the active agent in it to make it even stronger and more effective. The commercial grade stuff can actually give you chemical burns, depending on what exactly they are using, there are like 30 different agents they could be usi
  8. Did they have dedicated areas where you could take your mask off? It would be nice to have a break from it now and again.
  9. Most colleges are still doing online stuff even for the new school year, so it may not be a problem depending on how their school does the online stuff. Even so, mid july seems logical, at the same time it also doesn't because it's going to start getting hot before hand and they will lose attendance as most people want the water park while its hot then ride the main parks rides when it cools off. My best guess is they are probably aiming for the 4th of july or maybe a little after that, give it to time to see how the new protocols work for the main park
  10. I've heard similar rumors, I imagine that Hurricane Harbor will either have an opening announcement date which by my guess would be in July, or, they will announce it on said date and have it open for the member preview. As for which one, I'm not sure. I'm also not sure if they will extend the water park date past labor day, they very well might.
  11. Pretty much all upcoming 2020 attractions were put on long term hold until 2021, unless they've already had significant investment progress already. That included Cat Woman Whip, unfortunately, for us anyway. Which means we are also unlikely to get any other ride that isnt Cat Woman Whip for 2021, so hoping for two rides in one year is.. well, yeah, disappointing.
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