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  1. And people called me a pessimist when it comes to the park Our park is far from mediocre, sure I think there are a ton of areas that could use improvement and bigger investments, but it's by far not mediocre. American thunder, Mr freeze, and The Boss are some of the best coasters in the chain. They aren't hyper coasters with record setting inversions, speed, or length but they are absolutely incredible. And with the massive maintenance done that was, well let's be honest, way overdue, we've had new decking, new rails, new paint, queue improvements. And the entire section over by Catwoman being redone. The park now is way better than 4-5 years ago. It's got more to go, but even little ol corporate hates us me can see the vast improvements and know we aren't mediocre.
  2. The carousel is being redone by hand mostly. They are spending a metric butt ton of money on this already. There are very few qualified people who can even do the work to begin with, on top of that it's being done in the middle of a pandemic. Which I'm sure slows down work even more. When it comes to restoration jobs like this. You either do the job right or you don't do it at all. Let's appreciate the fact that the park is spending this kind of money on a carousel rather than just replacing it, which would have been far cheaper.
  3. Don't worry I've already seen most of the area from my own sources . It's a little minimalist for my taste, but at least it isn't as bad as Supergirl's area. I'm overall extremely pleased with what I've seen, theyve done a fine job. The only thing I don't know about is what happened with the mosaic. I really hope that's been kept. That was art.
  4. The only thing wrong with the ninja is the janky old arrow trains. They were garbage when put in, they are more garbage now. The new vekoma trains would make ninja 200% better than what it is now. Personally, I like the ninja, I just wish it wasn't so bone breaking. Speaking of updates, I've heard from some employees that a lot of park maintenance was done this winter since everything has been so mild. Lots of new paint, new roofs, even some AC work, although I have no idea which AC's we're worked on. I'm genuinely excited about everything that's been done. Finally getting caught up on the maintenance.
  5. Every themepark should be required to have a minimum of two hypers
  6. That's exactly what I thought when I heard that. I cannot fathom their reasoning for that, but, its the truth. It's literally the same coaster from expo 86, which for some reason was popular even if neck breaking then.
  7. That's the way Ninja was designed though, Ninja was designed to be a steel coaster with a "feel" of a wooden one, same with Blue Hawk from SFoG, but its gotten a lot worse as it's aged though. I could be wrong but I think they are still using the original trains from Arrow, which.. Werent great to begin with.. Most of the parks who have the same track type have upgraded to the 6 car Vekoma trains and a different style of restraint system which reduce the awful jerkiness of the ride by a ton. Blue Hawk in SFoG a few years ago got some track refurbishment and new trains which apparently makes the coaster (which is identical to ninja in terms of roughness at the time) basically smooth and has the added benefit of making the coaster run faster.
  8. You guys can criticize me all you want, but it doesn't make me any less wrong. In the last five years alone, five attractions were removed in the main park, and one of those was just half removed and looks awful. In the last 5 years, we have gained three rides in the main park. Three. Just three. That's a net loss of two full rides. And one of them was delayed for two full years while literally every other park had their ride open in 2021. What the chain is doing for the park is literally the bare minimum. I'm supposed to appreciate the bare minimum? That's like going to a franchised steak house that calls itself the best steakhouse in Missouri, ordering a moderately priced steak and they give you a plate that had a thin steak that's mostly all bone. Would you send it back and demand something better, or would you accept the moderately priced steak and just say "well the cooks tried their best, its okay". That's literally what most of you sound like. Anyone remember our 50th park anniversary? What a dismal display. Some fireworks, some dippin dots, and a pin, I seem to recall many of you being disappointed in what we got for that. That disappointment is what us hardcore fans have felt for the last 10 years I dont care if you like me or hate me, although it's pretty obvious it's the latter. But good lord, it is not too much to ask for the chain to do more than the bare minimum, which they havent even done that sad to say.
  9. Also, to add, it was corporates decision to delay the ride for two full years, not our parks management. Phil Liggett in the time he has been park president of our park has done a tremendous job of catching up on the maintenance of the park in the last year alone. 99% of the people here were just fine accepting less than the bare minimum after all these years. How dare someone else actually expect more effort from the corporate overlords, it's a sin to want such a thing.
  10. Which is fine, Six flags used to not put up an attraction every year anyway, I'll be the first to admit that having something new every year was neat, we have a number of rides that in my opinion, could use refurbishment. Mine Train and The Ninja come to mind there, both of them are basically falling apart it seems, mine train especially, it has sensor troubles everyday it seems. ninja is just cosmetic, although they could make it not be so jerky too, more people would love that. I think Eagle is due for some love, I dont remember when it was last retracked but I know it's been a little bit. Mr Freeze is another one that could use some love, while I dont expect it to be converted to a newer LIM style, which would cost a fortune, or so I've been told, the cars could use a refresh, and a coat of paint on it would be nice. While I really do wish they would put down a new coaster, I dont think that'll happen any time soon. Ands before someone chimes in saying to RMC the boss, yeahhhh no. they spent a fortune retracking and refurbishing the cars a few years ago, if that happens, which i dont think it will, it's gonna be 10+ year out.
  11. Corporate, actually. Although with the new CEO looking to hand more power back to chain management like it used to be, we may finally start to see some larger investments like we used to. I wish Dave Roemer was still park president, he did a damn fine job when the corporate office was willing to open their wallet for the park, was a nice guy too, genuinely loved the park and wanted to make it better.
  12. I suppose we should be thankful we got the four seat version and not the two seat version. Funtime makes up to an 8 row configuration, but I don't think I've seen it anywhere.
  13. Assuming the renders are correct, which I'm sure they are, then yes it's pretty much a copy of that and you are absolutely correct. 164 feet would seem to be the total ride height as well.
  14. At full vertical length, the riders will be 164 feet above the ground, the total height is unknown, since I'm assuming there will be some part of the ride that is taller than eye level of the riders. To put it in prospective, Superman Tower of Power was 230 feet when the riders were at the top. The actual height with all the theming at top and everything was closer to 260 feet, although i could be very wrong with that number total.
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