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  1. Honestly, while we definitely need more rides and coasters to just fill the park out more, what I believe is more important right now is also just general maintenance. Paint, gardening, general cleaning and renovations. Coasters and flat rides are cool, but a dirty and run down looking park isn't going to attract people to spend money. I'm also going to throw out a suggestion, they could take a page from Holiday World and expand the water park using that basically abandoned parking lot. Create one big spread out water park line they do. Add a second wave pool which could be smaller and maybe isn't as intense. Could of thriller water rides, maybe even a water coaster.
  2. I imagine it's exactly the same ride, just different paint. Six flags has a history of buying multiple of the same ride and spreading them out over their parks over 2-3 years. Maybe they get a discount buying in bulk or something.
  3. I have to admit, the thought of it swinging over the lagoon is absolutely thrilling to me. It would be a lovely view.
  4. Going in Dragon Wings old spot makes a ton of sense. It'll fill that section of the park nicely. But that still leaves the spot by tidal wave, and really that whole section of park, incredibly empty and neglected.
  5. I just wanna say, I totally called a Discovery model going into that spot. I'll take my cookie please.
  6. And I thought I did a lot of complaining about the park. Old man yells at Carousel progress.
  7. Well looks like I'll need to eat my hat. It might be a family coaster but it's still a coaster.
  8. Is the giant discovery the most comparable model to what Xcalibur was? They make four different discovery models, I honestly don't know which one is most comparable. I think only one of them has a full 360 degrees of travel, and that's the revolution version, which at first glance seems like a drop in replacement. But I could be woefully wrong.
  9. Super girl is an Endeavor. I think you're referring to one of the Discovery models from Zamperla. Which, would actually make a ton of sense to go there, considering Xcalibur has a similar support design. I would say I doubt one would go there, however, they got rid of highland fling and replaced it with super girl, which is just an updated version of the enterprise sooo, honestly, 9 to 5 and pick em at this point. After the lot sits for 5-10 years first, of course.
  10. What makes it even worse is it's one of three flat rides (excluding the train) that still had it's original name. And was the staple for scenery when coming to the park. Everyone knew how iconic that ride was, due to it's extreme height. I'm not mad, honestly. It was expensive to maintain, and costly to run. I'm just sad to be losing such a park staple. And I'm sad because that ride will be gone and that lot will sit there empty for years to come. Coming to the park and not seeing Xcalibur on the skyline is just.. sad and wrong.
  11. Well I mean there was one noteworthy thing that happened. Involving some very aggressive turkey legs.
  12. This is what people don't understand. As a base diamond elite, I got 50% off basically everything. Merchandise, food, dining pass, candy. A flat rate discount on flash pass, plus skip the line tickets. A free funnel cake, free icee, double rides on paid attractions. All that for $217 a year, and we had HITP to make it an even better value. Now, a diamond pass gets you 20%, you pay $224, 50% a season pass for flash pass, 4 skip the line passes. Like what, that's a better value? It's not. If you want people to pay more, you need to give them something for it.
  13. I don't blame them, I have a legacy diamond elite VIP pass. They are losing a crap ton of money on me, considering I visited the place 3x a week basically for the year. I am the bane of all six flags everywhere.
  14. Aw, look at that optimism! It's so cute. New roofs don't get people into the park. Those are just necessary expenditures. You know what does get people into the park? Rides. We got nothing for two years, we get woman whip only this year, which hasn't exactly been open everyday when the park was open. And now, we get nothing for 2023. So tell me, what's new and exciting that will attract crowds and people in general? Sticking up a poster saying we got new roofs and paint doesn't do that. No one goes home and tells their neighbors they painted a building. No one except us anyway, because we are crazy like that. Six flags has closed parks before. Just look at Astroworld. Our parks death will come. And it will come sooner, rather than later.
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