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  1. Their social media looks inactive so I haven't heard anything, but I'm really disappointed with the pace of construction. Grand Texas was announced nine years ago and its not even half way done yet. I always thought that their financing wasn't in good condition, so I wouldn't be shocked if the pandemic accelerated that and causes them to sell their property. So it wouldn't surprise me if either A) the property is sold, or B) Grand Texas Theme Park won't be built for at least another five years, if ever.
  2. I actually think that would be pretty cool. I heard talk about Frontier City going to HFE, but I think Magic Springs would probably work better.
  3. Does anyone think that Six Flags is gonna buy this park? I've heard people talk about that for years, but I wonder if they have plans; of course they couldn't do it now cause of their financial state, but I wonder if they have it planned.
  4. #1 FoF and Top Gun were built during Hart's ownership in the 90s, but ironically enough the other attractions (including the addition of Paramount's Action Zone) was in response to Six Flags buying KK in the late 90s; because at the time, people believed that Six Flags was going to greatly expand KK so it could compete better with KI. #2 I think they were aware of it, but I don't think they had the funds to rapidly expand like they did in the 90s (even with the investments). In fact, KK was supposed to get a B&M in 2014, but they went with a Chance Rides coaster because it was cheaper. It's not that they weren't aware of it, they just couldn't do as much as they wanted to do.
  5. Yeah, I don't think that in 2014 they thought that they were just going to flip the park and sell it off in a few years. The main issue that KK has in the 2010s/20s that it didn't have in the 90s is that now it's in a competitive market. Back in the 90s, Holiday World was pretty small and didn't have any coasters, Opryland was closing, and King's Island wasn't really expanding as much as they have recently. By the time that KK reopened in 2014, these parks had gotten such large dominance in the region that it's more difficult to compete nowadays.
  6. Yeah but those are the Cedar Fair flagship parks, meanwhile places like Michigan's Adventure get neglected.
  7. Lol sorry, I thought it said "one of the most" not "the most." He has a family, so I'd say that there are numerous moments in his personal life that trump something like that at an amusement park.
  8. I agree, I'm impressed by what the company has done at SDC and Dollywood, and it would be really cool to see Kentucky Kingdom go from just an amusement to a Kentucky-themed theme park. They already have an area near Storm Chaser that looks like a frontier town, and I'd say it's the nicest area of the park; hopefully they'll make it more like an SDC and less like Wild Adventures.
  9. I don't hate Herschend, they have some excellent management, but I like that team that Ed Hart put together. Not saying that a national corporation couldn't successfully operate the park, but I personally like the local management that's operated the park in the 2010s.
  10. Also I just noticed that on December 21, 2020, the Save Kentucky Kingdom Facebook page posted this message which just said "Herschend Family Entertainment" https://www.facebook.com/SaveKentuckyKingdom/posts/herschend-family-entertainment/2086310021504351/
  11. I'm not optimistic about this. I'd imagine that ticket and season pass prices are going to shoot up (which sucks because under the Hart ownership, they were pretty cheap compared to other parks). I thought that the Hart team would operate the park for at least a decade before passing it on to someone else, but oh well. I knew the pandemic was hurting them, but I didn't think it was to this extent. I will say that I'm impressed at what has been accomplished over the past seven years; in 2014, Kentucky Kingdom still felt like a Six Flags park, but now it feels more unique and the quality has improved. Hopefully Herschend doesn't run this park into the ground, but if history is any indication, dark days may be ahead.
  12. lol I saw someone talk about that teaser for almost 30 minutes.
  13. I thought that too. I was surprised that everyone was speculating a sale because I haven't seen a park get sold with this type of marketing. Traditionally they just announce the sale to the public, they don't release teasers and promos. The more I read into this whole thing, the less I think that Herschend is going to buy Kentucky Kingdom.
  14. Also, because of this tweet from the social media manager, I doubt that the map in teaser was actually of Herschend's other locations.
  15. Also something I forgot to mention, there are nine emojis in the tweet, which may be linked to the fact that "Herschend" has 9 letters.
  16. I feel like this tweet is alluding to a sale. At first I thought it was hinting at a roller coaster (which it may actually be), but the "emotional" part makes me wonder if it's a sale. Maybe the "emotional" part is referring to a change in ownership from a local company to a national one. Idk for sure, but it makes me wonder.
  17. I'm surprised, up until today I hadn't heard much talk about a sale. I thought the pandemic was hurting them, but not to the extent to where they can't afford to operate the park. I hope this is just some attraction and not a sale though, because the KK team has been able create something really unique, and it's been such an improvement since the Six Flags days. At least its not Six Flags buying the park again, but still, it's a shame to what was the greatest amusement park turnaround of the 2010s.
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