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  1. If this opens, we'll put together a nice, safe trip to the UAE and Saudi Arabia so we can all go together! I feel like this will be a more strict Oman (which we've been to), and I might not like or agree with all of their rules/culture/law, but I'm willing to accept it for a day or two for that screwed up Tilt Coaster!


    After the amazing Dubai trip you guys did a couple years ago, I'd be very much in for this trip. You nailed it. Nobody has to like or agree with their culture or laws, but pretending to be OK with it for a few days is a small price to pay for all the awesome stuff that's been announced (assuming it's actually built).


    In any case, this is a great announcement for the area and those who live there. I hope many locals are aware and excited for this park!

  2. When the earthquake is 100+ miles away, like these two were, parks like SFMM aren't going to have much of any problem.


    Would I want to be on or near a coaster when a quake hits? Of course not. Nothing would save you from falling debris. But, coasters built here in CA, as opposed to a place like Ohio, are built to withstand even a strong earthquake that strikes nearby. The Sky Tower is another matter entirely. That's a whole mess of a legal circus just waiting to happen. The park should have a controlled demolition before an uncontrolled one happens.

  3. Glad everyone is ok, but that sounds like a literal disaster in the making.


    You can’t cut off the only egress from a place. If there is that much of a threat of similar incidents, then it sounds like a secondary egress route needs to be paved in.


    It also sounds like better coordination of emergency planning and management needs to exist between the park and the Fire Department.


    The fire burned along the path of both the main entrance and what would be the alternate route (out the back where employees usually enter).


    Yep, and they certainly couldn't block the backstage roads with exiting cars in case emergency medical personnel needed to get through.


    Keep in mind it was only a year or two ago where a fire broke out on I-15 in the Cajon Pass and people were ordered to abandon their cars that later burned on the freeway as the fire came through. The Fire Dept has every right to block vehicle access whereever they need to as long as people have a safe evacuation route. That was provided in a couple of different places. Jumping fences was never necessary.

  4. PS: Based on the name and rendering I'm really curious to see if they seriously break out a Lion King 2 song for this show.


    Well, they broke out a Brother Bear song for Disneyland's big 50th anniversary parade. How many people realized that at the time? Not very many. Like with that, I doubt very many people would even realize the song came from a cruddy DTV sequel especially if it was pulled off decently.

  5. Time will tell if people start taking advantage of it (in a bad way)...


    Eventually you leave 1 person in line, and a family of 6 will "come back from the bathroom" 45 mins later after riding the Matterhorn. Leave it to people in California to take advantage of a system that's designed to make *everyone's* experience (most especially those 1 time visitors) more enjoyable, and they'll exploit it. I don't know why some people think they're "better" than everyone else waiting their turn in line, and why it's so hard to just play by the rules.


    I do however think it is great that Disnelyland is attempting to make this policy available. I don't think they should, because it just opens up a can of worms, but I gotta hand it to them for trying.


    There's your answer. There's a few of them in every area, but SoCal is jam packed with me first @$$holes. If following the rules requires even the slightest bit of effort, the rules are ignored. That attitude does not stop at Disneyland's entrance gates.

  6. I agree it's gonna be really interesting how this plays out. I can't understand why they thought this was a necessary move. Not only do I not see the need for this to be in Disneyland Park, I don't know why it needed to be the first one to open, adding even more to the hype. Maybe since it's such an iconic expansion they wanted it in the most iconic park, and they wanted it there first. But Disneyland really already walks a fine line between being the "happiest place on earth" and "most stressful clusterf*ck" on earth". Like people said above that starts before you even enter the property with the surrounding traffic. If I was them I would be pretty worried that the quality of the product is going to be overshadowed by the maddening crowds surrounding it. For me, no matter how impressive the land looks I can't get excited about actually going there. I'm really excited to read detailed reports and reviews from afar, but even as a SoCal resident for the next year I don't plan on getting over there myself in that time frame.


    In Orlando on the other hand at least they were able to build an entire land in Grand Avenue to queue the masses. They added a skyliner, new bus stops, tram stations, baggage check, etc. They even built a new E-ticket in Mickey and Minnie's Railway to absorb some of the crowds. I'm sure it'll still be madness in Orlando but I think they should've let it play out there for a couple years before opening the flood gates at Disneyland. I really don't see how this addition doesn't negatively impact the rest of the Disneyland park experience over the next couple of years. And I don't care at all that they're messing with "Walt's park", that isn't my point.


    Disney's primary mission isn't to make sure you can leisurely stroll through an empty Star Wars land. It's to maximize the wealth of their shareholders. That's accomplished by building this sort of thing, thereby sending the value of the brand as well as ticket sales, merch sales, hotel occupancy and more through the roof. The rest is little more than adhering to various building and safety codes, demands of scary lawyers, and the terms of very expensive insurance policies.

  7. Guests planning to visit Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland Park between May 31 and June 23, 2019, will need valid theme park admission and will be required to make a no-cost reservation, subject to availability, to access the land. Information on how to make a reservation will be available at a later date on Disneyland.com and the Disney Parks Blog. Guests staying at one of the three Disneyland Resort hotels during these dates will receive a designated reservation to access Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge during their stay (one reservation per registered guest); valid theme park admission is required.


    For any non-local who doesn't have chance to wait out the crowds, dropping $600 on a hotel room to guarantee their family access to Star Wars on their once in a lifetime Disney vacation would be well worth it.

  8. This almost sounds like someone with addiction problems. I don't know how else to explain not being blown away by DoDonpa or Rossa's launch, or the other stuff you mentioned. It's as if you're too used to the high to where it's only disappointment, but you still need the high to ward off withdrawals. So you're wondering what to do on a few different levels since cold turkey seems impossible or at best unwanted.


    I would say the first step is simply to accept where you're at. In the past few years, I've done a good deal of traveling myself. I've gone to the best parks, ridden the best coasters, and been to my favorite places in the world as well as a lot of places I hadn't seen before. Now those trips are behind me, and sometimes I wonder about what's next. There comes a moment when you have to accept that most if not all future trips won't be about what's new or what puts the past to shame, but will still be to great places with awesome rides and fun times. If that's not motivation enough to keep traveling, then it is time to just move on with your life completely until when/if the motivation comes back.


    Also, as has been suggested previously, if you do intend to continue traveling, make some goals for yourself that don't involve your credit count. Have you done all the Disney owned theme parks? Have you been on ALL the tallest, fastest, whatever else-est rides? Have you set foot on all the world's continents? Have you ever run out of pages in your passport before it expired? Do you have cool Instagram photos of yourself taking selfies in front of all the world's landmarks? Maybe these things weren't goals for you before, but now that your credit count is sky high, maybe they could be now?


    Things to think about for someone who really does sound like a burnt out coaster addict.

  9. SFMM has a hard time hiring employees. Fright Fest is extremely understaffed even on Saturdays. They also have signs all over the park saying to apply because they don’t get enough applicants during the Fall, Winter, and Spring operating months.


    That's the consequence of intentionally primarily hiring high schoolers on summer break because they accept being paid next to nothing for labor-heavy positions nobody else would accept that wage for. The Santa Clarita area has incredibly low unemployment right now. The high schoolers are in school, and there isn't hardly anybody else around who would accept what little SFMM offers.

  10. Just so everybody knows, the last few miles on I-5 heading north towards SFMM are all torn up in construction. There's also major construction zones on I-5 in Burbank, and the Norwalk area. Don't expect your fellow drivers to be taking it easy at all through them. All it takes is one accident to create an enormous delay. I highly recommend checking Google maps for traffic conditions before you leave so you know what spots on I-5 to avoid along the way. The good news is there shouldn't be any overnight construction closures that may or may not be cleared by the time those of you heading north from KBF hit the road, but please give yourselves all the extra time you're willing to wake up for. You'll be glad you did.

  11. Yes!! In Search of The Obelisk, an IMAX RideFilm that is now the Jabbawockeez Theatre, will definitely be doing a spot on that in the near future, as well as the old Nile River flume that was once inside of Luxor.


    Somewhere there's an old VHS called "The Making of Luxor" or something that showed the grand opening of Luxor, and some behind the scenes and brief POVs of the three stage Obelisk attraction. The simulator was stage 1, but then there was "Luxor Live" which was a weird talk show style projection show, and "Theatre of Time" which was the IMAX movie that closed up the story. I have that VHS somewhere. If I could ever find it, it would be one to convert to DVD if possible for sure.


    I do remember the simulator outliving the other two by a few years. Luxor Live became Carrot Top's theatre if I'm not mistaken. The IMAX theatre showed conventional IMAX movies for a while but then even that died out.

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