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  1. It is still going to get worse before it gets better. I work in healthcare and a coworker was just on a call with the governor of Massachusetts. Official announcement is coming at 4 today but it sounds like all New England states are going to be on complete lockdown after this afternoon; essential businesses only allowed to open, shelter in place, etc. We just have to hope that such a drastic response means it can be over sooner...


    The governor of Massachusetts specifically said in this afternoon's press conference (at 5:02 in



    I'd like to dispel, once again, recent rumors about a Shelter in Place order. Massachusetts is not planning any forced Shelter in Place order. Everyone needs to get their news from legitimate sources.


    That said, the Mayor of Boston is planning to speak at 4pm today, so it's possible that Boston could go into lockdown. EDIT: Nope.

  2. Wow, that intro was cringy. I wonder if Michelin minds being name-dropped like that -- they're usually pretty protective of people claiming they're Michelin starred when they're not.


    Jersey Devil Coaster looks exciting, although I'm a bit worried that it may be too low capacity for Great Adventure. I guess we'll have to wait and see. Nothing else really stuck out as being worth traveling for, but they should be nice upgrades for the locals.

  3. Looks like Disney did a preview show for the "Social Media Moms":



    As someone who actually likes World of Color, this looks incredibly boring. It's like they took World of Color, made it slower, and took out all the energy, excitement, and spectacle (except for the last minute or so). Yes, the floats themselves are somewhat technologically impressive, but they get lost in the scale of the lagoon. It's hard to believe that this came from the same entertainment group that did Fantasmic and Illuminations (or, for that matter, Disney Dreams! and Ignite the Dream in Paris and Shanghai).


    No one goes to Illuminations just for the Globe segment.


    It's only a sneak peak, so I suppose that it could be tweaked before the official opening, but I doubt they can do anything in the next week that they wouldn't have done in the last 10 months since the originally scheduled opening.

  4. The media seems to be coalescing around a Velcro failure, for whatever that's worth. From Boy was decapitated on waterslide at Kansas park, source says:


    Jon Rust, a professor of textile engineering at North Carolina State University, said the material used on the straps, commonly called hook and loop, isn't designed to keep a person in the seat. It also can degrade with use.


    "It's got to be used in a safe manner, and that doesn't include stopping someone's fall or preventing someone's ejection," Rust said.


    Paul Oberhauser told television station KCTV that his shoulder restraint "busted loose" on his Verruckt raft July 26. The Nebraska man said he "just held on," and a video shot by his wife shows the strap loose at the ride's end. Oberhauser said he reported the matter to park workers.


    Kenneth Conrad told WDAF-TV that during his trip down the waterslide last year with a friend, the friend's shoulder strap came "completely off." Conrad's wife snapped a photo at the end of the ride showing the strap missing. Conrad didn't file a complaint with the park.

  5. The official cause of death, according to Kansas City police, was "neck injury"


    From http://www.cnn.com/2016/08/07/us/kansas-schlitterbahn-water-park-child-death/

    The 10-year-old son of a Kansas state legislator, who was killed riding on the world's tallest water slide, died from a neck injury, Kansas City police said Monday.


    Police and firefighters found Caleb Thomas Schwab in the pool at the end of the ride on Sunday, police said. The circumstances of the boy's death are still being investigated, police said.

  6. Local news is now reporting that the boy was 10 years old, not 12:


    Questions swirl as grief falls over family of Caleb Schwab, 10-year-old killed at Schlitterbahn


    The initial confusion seems to be that the boy's older brother Nathan, who is 12, was watching as the accident occurred.


    Also, a Go Fund Me fundraising page for funeral and other expenses has been set up at https://www.gofundme.com/2wrj7w4c

  7. Riders must be at least 54 inches tall and are supposed to be at least 14 years old. It was not immediately clear why as 12-year-old was on the slide.


    Per http://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/destinations/2014/07/09/verruckt-water-slide-schlitterbahn-park/12411769/ the age limit was removed years ago:


    Three riders are weighted together on a scale, and combined must be between 400 and 550 lbs. Riders must be at least 54-inches tall, and while previously the park had instituted an age minimum of 14 years, they've since removed it, saying the height requirement is sufficient.
  8. I don't know why Disney felt that the Little Mermaid deserved a 2000 person/hour omnimover attraction, but the highest grossing animated film of all time only got a 900-1000 person/hour ride.


    Say what you will about Screamscape, the fact is that only 10,000-12,000 people per day will be able to ride even if it never breaks down, which is only 1/3 of the 33,000 people that visit Epcot on an average day (and given that it's the middle of summer vacation, I'd imagine that the next few months are going to see higher than average attendance).

  9. I don't really know why it's free though. I would charge for it if I were them, I think the up charge would be completely justified and I think people would be willing to pay for it.

    Samsung is probably subsidizing it. They want as many people as possible to try GearVR so they'll buy one for themselves. It's the same reason Samsung has been setting up all those mall kiosks that demo their products and give away trinkets but don't actually sell anything.

  10. Here I have something a bit different for you This is a virtual tour of the Norwegian ferry company "Color Line`s" MV "Color Fantasy". It is a overnight ferry that goes from "Oslo" in Norway to "Kiel" in Germany. As you can see the ferry is inspired by RCCL`s freedom class vessels though i think these ferries are even nicer


    Virtual tour


    The "Royal Promenade" concept was first used on another Norwegian ferry, the "Silja Symphony", which was built at Masa Yards back in 1991. Royal Caribbean's "Voyager" class, and later "Freedom" and "Oasis"* classes, all had Royal Promenades inspired by the Silja ships, and were also built at Masa Yards (although Masa was bought out and changed their name to Aker Yards while Freedom of the Seas was being built). Not surprisingly, the Color Line ships with the promenade were also built at Masa/Aker Yards.


    *To be technical, the second two Oasis-class ships aren't being built at the same shipyard. Aker yards was purchased by a Korean company called STX while Oasis of the Seas was being built, and STX owned it when Allure was built. When it came time to build the next two, STX couldn't get the Finnish government to give them a subsidized loan, so they moved construction of the new Oasis-class ships to another shipyard they owned in France (and got a nice loan from the French government). Presumably STX still owns whatever patents or trade secrets are involved in building ships with a large internal promenade so they can move the construction around as they see fit.

  11. It is kind of weird, it's not like Citywalk is a Downtown Disney sort of separate entity - every single guest that parks in the big garages has to go straight through Citywalk to get to either park. All Universal Orlando guests are basically a captive audience.


    I think Universal's concern is that if guests see the big tower on the horizon they might head straight to their cars and drive there instead of stopping in CityWalk.

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