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  1. ^ yes, they did. Cobra is still at PKI in pieces, and the trains are in the FOF building. The footers are also still in place. I posted a pic of them in a PKI trip report: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=24294&start=10
  2. Just updated our counts: Me 128 coasters, Julia has 73 Thanks again Chuck for a great day at PKD! Next up as far as new parks for Julia are Kennywood and Dollywood. -James
  3. A trip to Geauga Lake and Sea World Cleveland with my family. My father convinced me to go on Corkscrew, and then I went on Double-Loop. Geauga conquered my fears of upside-down coastering. -James "Just so you know corkscrew is gone now" Dillaman
  4. Posted my pics, not many, but some good shots methinks And, Jeff, maybe we'll be down again this summer. Hoping to do SFA and BGE sometime, and if we're back down there, we may have to go back to PKD if anything just for the flying eagles! -James
  5. I like Screechin' Eagle @ LeSourdsville for wood Magnum hands down for steel
  6. April 22, one day to do PKD, rain or shine: Julia and I made the trip down to PKD from cincinnati this past weekend, knowing that the storms were coming with us. We didn't care, I had the weekend off from work and Julia was between midterms at college so we went anyway. When we got there, it looked like the rain would hold off for a while, so we got in line for Volcano. We were six people from the front of the line and they told us it was down for weather. Yes the storms started. We waited for an hour then finally the storm passed and they opened Volcano! We were on the first train of the day, rode in the second seat. Amazing! I didn't think from the POV that the ride would be very fun, but I was wrong. This is quite a fun ride. Intamin ranks up there as one of my favorite manufacturers, if not hands down my fav. steel maker. We had just enough time to get off the ride and head down to meet chuck at the base of the eifel tower. After introductions were over we wanted to ride shockwave (PKI broke our heart a few years ago by taking out King Cobra ) Fun until the turn towards the end of the ride *ouch*. But it IS a togo, so meh! After that we were going to go on hypersonic, but it broke down as soon as we got in line (surprise), and then it started storming again, so we went and had some pizza (A whole pizza for less than Julia and I ate chicken baskets @ Bubba Gumps (PKI)) GOOD pizza, too! We went back on Volcano again, and hit Avalanche, as I love it dearly and Julia has never been on a bobsled except DT @ Cedar Point. It's still good as ever, and I have no idea why there aren't more of them around the country. Before we could get on Anaconda, the storms came in fierce! Lightning, Thunder, Pouring down rain, you name it we had it! While chilling in Anaconda's station, we got to talking with chuck about rides we missed at PKI and the Flying Eagles came up. Jules and I had a great time once at PKI riding the eagles in pouring down rain when everything else was closed! We've scared parents snapping them and had to have the ride ops assure them the ride is designed to do that. As Chuck had never seen anybody snap the scooters, we made our way there. WOW, PKD's scooters are amazing! My first ride I took a HUGE chunk of the tree with me! Whoops, guess not many people at dominion know how good this ride is, because if people keep snapping them, the trees will stay "trimmed" back. There were branches in my tub and stuck to the bottom of it! Jules got such a crazy ride she even cut back a bit, too scared it was going out of control! Chuck has some video of our third ride, not as crazy as the first two but still worth seeing if you've never seen this ride in all it's glory. We went on Action Theater and the World of Hanna-Barbera was pleasant and much more fun than overdone 3-D spongebob. After the storm passed again we went on Hypersonic and got on quickly. Whoa what a launch! Jules and I thought that since we'd been on TTD that Hypersonic would be tame. This thing is INTENSE. the launch kicks you in the butt with a force not found on Top Thrill Dragster. And it whips you over the hill, not limping over the hill like dragster. Grizzly was next, and a fun woodie at that. We rode in the front seat twice in a row without getting up. Even caught a couple pops of air on it. I really enjoy this ride. Then we hit up Drop Zone, although we didn't like it as much as PKI's, it is still a good ride. Rebel Yell backwards was also fun, some good floater air over the hills. John Allen is one of my favorite designers, and Racer is one of my fav's at PKI, so we enjoyed this one. We went back and hit up Anaconda. What a quirky arrow looper this is. The drop is strange and then there's the underwater tunnel. After the mid-course brakes this ride is strange, too. I'll have pictures posted shortly after I shrink them down a bit. After going on Avalanche and hitting up Scooby-Doo, Jules and I had to do the inverter-ship Berserker. This one HURT and the blood rushing to the head was quite weird. Our first and possibly last ride on this flat! We had a blast and although only Chuck braved the weather to join us, we experienced no-wait rides and re-rides on many attractions. The park closed early (8:00 instead of the posted 10:00), but when we left, it started storming fierce, so they chose wisely. Pictures to come, soon! -James "Loves him some flyer snaps!" Dillaman Finally I leave you with another loop pic, this is anaconda. mmmmm.... arrow... For some reason this part of anaconda wasn't nearly as bad as it looks Julia's First Bobsled!!! I love this ride! The rain wouldn't let up, but we didn't care... Shockwave was fun for us Julia and I in front of a TOGO standup, *sniffle* rest in pieces King Cobra... Volcano was shockingly good!
  7. I like Thunderhead's first drop, so twisted... (And, as much as it [literally] pains me, Son of Beast has a good first drop) Steel, I still like Vortex @PKI in the back car and of course the obvious (MF backseat) -James Vortex @ PKI
  8. 1. Thunderhead (Dollywood) 2. Balder (Liseberg) 3. Cornball Express (Indiana Beach) 4. Raven (Holiday World) 5. Shivering Timbers (Michigan Adventure) 6. Legend (Holiday World) 7. Screechin' Eagle (Lesourdsville Lake) 8. Kentucky Rumbler (Beech Bend Park) 9. Thunderbolt (Kennywood) 10. Lightning Racer (Hershey) 1. MF (Cedar Point) 2. Phantom's Revenge (Kennywood) 3. Magnum XL-200 (Cedar Point) 4. Superman Krypton Coaster (Six Flags Fiesta Texas) 5. Top Thrill Dragster (Cedar Point) 6. Raging Bull (Six Flags Great America) 7. Chang (Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom) 8. Tig'rr Coaster (Indiana Beach) 9. Raptor (Cedar Point) 10. Dominator (Geauga Lake)
  9. OMG ^ i LOVE the zipper! LeSourdsville lake had one when they were open (groan.. come back LeSourdsville!), and like you said, it scared me but I don't know why either. It just feels unsafe, but man is it crazy... I wish more parks had them around here, like a park that's currently OPEN, haha.
  10. I never have a problem with streaming video on quicktime, only wmp causes crashes on my system at times...
  11. We'll be meeting by the starship entersprise under the Eiffel Tower at noon tomorrow. Anyone who wants to meet up later call my cell phone and find us (If I didn't PM you my number, it's because you showed no interest in coming. It's not too late to PM me asking for it, We don't mind!) We will be staying rain or shine (I know it's supposed to storm, but oh well...) Hope to see you there! -James and Julia-
  12. I enjoy downloading. I was showing my friend your batman video from the last europe mini-trip, because he didn't believe there was a wellthemed batman ride, and I couldn't have done it at his house if we had to stream it, as there's no internet...
  13. rules at making me ill, haha. No, seriously, it was probably the skyline clili dogs I ate before going on it. Not my fault, as PKI puts the skyline clili right next to the scrambler, they were asking for it!
  14. Never been to BGE, but I can say without a doubt that PKD is way better... Anyone who thinks otherwise must be sick in the head
  15. whoever wondered if the voyage night rides would beat the beast.... that's not the question, as raven night rides hands down kills the beast's. Will voyage beat the raven.... only time will tell. -James
  16. Taft Entertainment is still in business in Cincinnati, but I doubt they are large enough or have the capital to buy all the parks back. MAYBE one, but even that seems doubtful.
  17. Canon in D is a baroque piece written by Johan Pachabel. And yes it seems to be played at every wedding I've ever been too... -James
  18. I forgot about coney completely!!! Deno's Wonderwheel is also awesome at the park next door. Beach access also makes this one of the greatest...
  19. Beast used to be my favorite ride, then I worked there, and rode it more than 700 times in one season. By the end I didn't enjoy it anymore, but I wouldn't say it is a bad ride, especially at night. It just has no airtime and no big hills, but something about that helix makes me smile every time. Just for the record, MF is still my number 1 coaster, Legend is my number 4 wood, TTD is number 3 steel, Raven is number 2 wood, Raging Bull is my number 5 steel. I think that shows enough that I don't agree with what many people are saying, but they aren't saying the rides aren't good, jus that their opinion doesn't live up to the hype they've heard. Oh yeah, Magnum is number 2 steel in my book!! I know, I know, cedar point rich top five, but it wasn't by choice, it just happens that I love their steel coasters! -James
  20. He means that many people have already posted pictures of the big rides... the PICTURES can be found elsewhere
  21. With the construction of the Voyage, I don't think I can consider Holiday World a small park anymore, they'll have 3 great wooden coasters, they have a great flume ride and raft rapids ride. Their waterpark is one of my favorites and is not small by any means, and they have 5 different areas if you include the waterpark. Coney Island in Cincinnati, that's a small park if you ask me, although my favorite small park was LeSourdsville Lake. Awesome woodie, fun flats, and a flume that soaks you!! I posted some pictures here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=24318 -James
  22. Go to MF or TTD first, as those are the longest lines. If you stay at one of Cedar Point's hotels, you get in early to ride one ride before the park starts, usually MF or Raptor, although I've been on TTD that way, too. If you go to MF first, wait until TTD goes down for whatever reason, and once you see it running again, get in line, that's the best way to get on with a short wait. It's all kind of luck. Meanstreak is braked so much now it's almost like a tour of a wooden coaster, disaster transport is a fun ride, but SHORT. If the wait is an hour, skip it, you won't think it's worth it at all. If Wicked Twister is running, try to ride in the front or the back seat. MF is a great back seat ride. TTD is well worth waiting for the front seat. Cedar Creek Mine Ride is a fun little Arrow mine train. Power tower red side is fun, green side has almost no forces and is pretty tame. If Gemini has both sides going and racing, have fun slapping fives with the other train on the turns. Blue Streak is actually a great little woodie. Ride it either in front or back for best airtime. Wildcat and Iron Dragon are both fun in their own ways. Mantis is my third favorite B&M standup, and a front-seat ride is preferred. Same with Raptor, front seat is the bomb. Other than that there's and arrow corkscrew and of course Magnum. Ride Magnum in seat 1-3 if you dare! Lots of ejector air. Hope you have fun at one of my favorite parks, and take some pictures to share if you can! -James
  23. Well, I'm making a trip down there this saturday, and we're only going to PKD. The decision-maker for me was the half-price admission for ace members at PKD. Go to where you want, and do the other one a different time, or if you can, do both. I'll be back to catch BGE later in the season for sure. As stated before, look at the rides and what you like better. -James
  24. Oh, I went on Hurler it's opening season, so that's fine. I just didn't want to miss out on a credit I haven't had. Julia will be dissapointed, though...
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