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  1. Abenteuer Atlantis (Atlantis Adventure) is the new interactive dark ride at Europa-Park where visitors can dive down into the deep sea since the 2007 season. It is located at the Greece area of the park and it was built by MACK Rides. You can find a english review of the attraction at lifthill.net with some technical details, construction pics and an interview with Michel den Dulk, the designer of Europa-Park. http://www.lifthill.net/berichte/abenteueratlantis_eng.php Here are some pictures:
  2. Hi! You can find a short preview of the new Pax shuttle coaster on our website. We are also able to present some artwork and rendering stuff. Here is the link: http://www.lifthill.net/berichte/cobra_eng.php Enjoy! Greg
  3. we've got one more offride video of Black Mamba on our page: Enjoy! http://www.lifthill.net/videos/download.php?ID=31&quali=2 (High quality, 9,5MB) http://www.lifthill.net/videos/download.php?ID=31&quali=1 (Low quality, 4,7MB) Greetings, Greg www.lifthill.net
  4. You can find some more pictures of that amazing ride on our page Lifthill.net: Pictures: http://www.lifthill.net/gallery/pages/phantasialand8.php Report: (in German) http://www.lifthill.net/berichte/blackmamba.php Greetings Greg
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