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  1. BGT has more coasters including ShieKra and Kumba but IOA has the Hulk which is a very good roller coaster and dueling dragons, but IOA has other thrill rides like Dr.Dooms Fear Fall and Jurassic park river adventure.
  2. i have never been on it but if i were to go their i would just think it is only about 20 seconds long and then it is over and you will feel so proud of your self.
  3. they say they are going to take it down to put in bussiness building and make a rollercoaster go all around them. kinda a disappointment
  4. I heard that the Myrtle Beach Pavalion was going to be took down and a theme park was going to be put it up! Im excitited if this is true, but i cant really imagine how a theme park would fit there. I heard thats why they were closing down their one coaster The Hurricane and their other main attraction, the Top Spin. please post what you know about this subject, if in fact it is true.
  5. I was hoping to set up a topic were people would list were they put their parks and where they go to download them. i google it and all that but i never find desent sites. im trying to find some...
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