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  1. You indicated you're narrowing things down a bit and neither the Taiwan nor the Singapore & Malaysia Tours were listed. Is it safe to assume they won't occur in 2013? (I apologize if you answered this question earlier and I overlooked it.)
  2. I'm excited about the opportunity to help others, while doing something fun. www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/staceyfbryant/DorneyPark1
  3. Hi Big Mike, I may have overlooked the age of the child riding the starter coaster. However, I can say Cameron's first two coasters were Little Leaper (Steel Pier) in Atlantic City NJ, followed by the Matterhorn Bobsleds at Disneyland CA. (He was younger than 2 years old, but enjoyed both of the rides.) Please note the Matterhorn age restriction appears to be 3, I don't think I knew. From a child's prospective, the first coaster he ever asked to get on was Vapor Trail at Sesame Place. When he was a couple years older his preferences were Runaway Mine Train and Skull Mountain at Six Flags Great Adventure. Cam's first harnessed ride was Big Bad Wolf, since that is no longer around: domestically - I would suggest Iron Dragon (possibly) at Cedar Point and internationally - I would suggest Vampire at Chessington World of Adventures.
  4. I'm really sorry to hear about your loss Big Mike. Cam and I will keep you and your family in our prayers.
  5. 1. Millennium Force 2. El Toro (SFGAdv) 3. Expedition GeForce 4. Boulder Dash 5. Maverick 6. S:ROS/Bizarro (SFNE) 7. Troy 8. Fluch Von Novgorod 9. Goliath (SFMM) 10. Colossos
  6. Great TR.... Coincidentally my son and I are in one of your pictures.
  7. Happy B-day Big Mike. Msg from Cam: I'll use my new train mold to bake you a special cupcake. I just need to know when I can get it to you.
  8. My son purchased a book entitled "Thrill Rides" published by Meredith Books, written by Mark Shulman. (Copyright date of 2007) On the cover it says: Top 10 Roller Coasters in America I recognize everyone has the right to their own opinion and I realize opinions can vary. With that said, I opened the book with an open mind. As with many roller coaster books, this one provides some history on coasters along with a high level explanation of the mechanics of a roller coaster. There are pictures of El Toro, Raptor, Wild Thing, Twisted Sister, Talon, X and many others in conjunction with the explanations. However, the meat of the book is the top 10 list which is: 10 - The Cyclone (Coney Island) 9 - The Beast 8 - Dueling Dragons 7 - Son Of Beast 6 - Millennium Force 5 - Superman Ride Of Steel (New England) 4 - Boulder Dash 3 - X 2 - Top Thrill Dragster 1 - Kingda Ka With any top 10 list enthusiasts could argue about the ranking order and raise an eye brow about some of the selections. However, this list caused more than an eyebrow raising. I could not get past the fact that this list, created in the last year or so, would include Son Of Beast and exclude El Toro. I believe my anger/disappointment/sadness stems from the fact that this is a published book. There will be people who read this book and think their experience on the Son Of Beast represents that of a top rated coaster. Others who read this book will not realize El Toro should be given recognition for its greatness. If there is anyone who believes the Son Of Beast is a better coaster than El Toro, please help me understand why. Please note: An address was provided on page 2 of the book for comments and suggestions 1716 Locust St., Des Moines, IA 50309-3023 or meredithbooks.com. I would encourage those that care to send a comment or two.
  9. Although I had to cancel most of my road trips in August, September and October I can't complain about the number of parks I was able to visit in the earlier part of 2008: Six Flags Great America Paramount’s Kings Island Kennywood Morey's Pier Hershey Park Jardin d’Acclimatation Parc Astérix Walibi Belgium Bobbejaanland Toverland Efteling Drievliet Family Park Walibi World Movie Park Germany Heide Park Schlobbeck Phantasialand Tripsdrill Holiday Park Europa Park Walygator Parc Disneyland Resort Paris Disney Studios Six Flags Great Adventure (May, July 2x, August 2x and October) Casino pier - Seaside Heights Funtown Pier - Seaside Heights Seabreeze Darien Lake Martin's Fantasy Island Canada's Wonderland Marineland Waldameer Idlewild Lakemont DelGrosso Keansburg Amusement Park Jenkinson's Boardwalk Playland Park - Rye Krazy City Quassy Lake Compounce (August and November 1) Six Flags New England Sesame Place (June and August) Six Flags Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom Astroland – Coney Island Deno's Wonder Wheel – Coney Island Dorney park & Wildwater Kingdom (July2x, August 2x and October 2x) Six Flags America
  10. This is great, navigating through the forum is much quicker for me. Thanks.
  11. IMO BGA is the better park. BGE is nice, but there are rides/attractions which are not found in your standard park such as Rhino Rally.
  12. I agree with something some else said previously, this appears to be a way to "sock" it to Six Flags. In the long run, the city is hurting it’s self. The surrounding merchants such as the restaurants and gas stations are losing the revenue they would have gathered from additional park patrons. I can speak for the other non-locals, but I wouldn't take to time to travel to SFNE to see the parade. I really enjoyed their version of SROS when I rode it about 4 years ago, but I don't feel compelled to travel just to ride that again. However, a new roller coaster would have been an encouragement. With regards to SFA, I also believe it would be nice if they get a new coaster assuming they would take care of it. Every year SROS seems to get rougher. When are they going to address that?
  13. Maverick is better because: It's longer It has a variety of elements If I remember correctly you can feel a hill or two on Maverick; since TTD twist you don't feel the drop.
  14. Thank you for this TR. I have a weekend in August on my calendar which has Hard Rock listed with a question mark. I was waiting for someone to create a TR to determine if I was going to head down south this year or wait until 2009. As a result of your write up I've made that decision. Thanks again
  15. I understand how a souvenir cup, can be just that, a souvenir. So, when I'm going to a park I haven't been to I'll automatically purchase a new cup. So, I'd be in support of the park specific cups. However, I have at least 9 cups from my home park, SFGAdv, as a result of forgetting them or wanting a cup with a specific attraction on it. Honestly, I don't want anymore. At $10.00 a pop, they don't get thrown away. Upon returning from the park they are soaked overnight, washed the next day, dried and placed in the cabinet for future use. Therefore, I'm all for the continual use of the older cups. That $10 can go towards: the overpriced food purchased at the park, the gas consumed by my car to make the trip, and/or the round trip tolls paid to travel certain highways to get to and from the park. On a positive note, I appreciate the fact that refill cost hasn't increased. Btw, if I remember correctly, the coupons for my season pass's home park (SFA) are $1.00 off for the character topped souvenir cup which is approx. $13.00
  16. Hey Robb, For the purpose of budgeting, can you please provide an approximate date as to when the balance for the Europe trip is due? Thanks
  17. I was planning a trip to Japan in August 07 on my own, but I now that I've seen the TPR flyer I'm seriously considering going with you. I am traveling with a child that will be 10 by Sept 07, I know from reading the flyer you haven't excluded children. However, I wanted to know if believe it would be best not to have a child that young attend this event.
  18. lol......Is that not a great park any longer? If you had a choice would you go there or Disneyland?
  19. I am going to two amusement parks this weekend, alone. Being alone in a park is a first for me, the idea of being there from open to close without company is a little unnerving because I'm a talker and I like to socialize. So, I am trying to find out: Are there are others that have gone to a park alone? If so, how did you adjust to not having a person/people to constantly talk to, as you wait 2 - 3 hours for a roller coaster. For those that do not go alone, do you actually talk to the people in line, around you?
  20. Thank you all for the SFMM advice....I will adhere to the great information. Do you have any tid bits for navigating Knott's Berry Farm?
  21. Thanks for the heads up noyzz...every time I went to SFOG the ride was closed. I am scheduled to take a trip to GA in August (for Goliath), hopefully Deja Vu will be running.
  22. I am flying to the west coast for an event on 7/9, so I decided to spend 7/7 and 7/8 visiting two of Southern CA's finest, SFMM and Knott's. Since this will be my first time visiting one of the parks, and its been 8 yrs since I went to the other, I thought I would seek some advice. Is it possible, to get through all of the coasters at SFMM in one day (Friday or Saturday) without a Fast Pass? If not, is it possible with a Fast Pass? Are there rides whose lines are usually short? Is it possible, to get through all of the coasters at Knott's in one day (Friday or Saturday)? Are there rides whose lines are usually short? I'm going by myself, are there any pointers for single riders? Thanks for all of your assistance.
  23. I was at SFGAdv on Saturday the June 17th and Thursday the June 22nd waiting in the “peon line” (as referenced by gmoney422 ) for El Toro On Saturday, at 12:55 PM, I joined the ET line after being advised the wait was a 2 - 2.5 hours. After about 3 periods where the ride stopped working and numerous hours of bonding in line with coaster enthusiasts; it was 5:19 PM when I boarded the back seat of the train. (There was an extra 25 minute wait for the back, since it takes an average of 10 minutes between each ride). Yes folks, a 4.5 hour wait; however, after riding it, I had no regrets. The ride was extremely smooth, the speed was incredible, and yet I felt that I couldn't adequately explain the experience to anyone. So, Thursday I returned...entering the line at 7:00 PM and boarding the back of the train at 8:47.....the time was cut by more than half (the fact that the park closed at 8:00; so Fast Passes were not being used beyond 8:15 definitely helped.) Take home message...the ride is phenomenal....Fast Pass is the way to go......AND......just one time is not enough.
  24. Robb has a valid point regarding the varying personal perceptions. However, Jon Fu I completely agree with you......for what ever reason I thought it was $15.00, maybe I had an all day pass....Either way, I rode it twice....just to make sure I agreed with my initial assessment which was "It sucked." (I rode it 2 to 3 yrs ago) I thought Desperado in Primm was a little rough, but I still liked. It was worth the 35 minute drive from Vegas.
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