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  1. I'm planning on heading there the 2nd week of June and honestly if Phantom's is still closed I just won't go. That's the main attraction for me and with all the other negative things I've heard about the park this year I just don't think I would have a great time.
  2. Well, June 9 was going to be my first day of 3 at Cedar Point. I need to find something now between Kings Island and Cedar Point. Indiana Beach maybe?
  3. Pretty sad that a park gave into the court of public opinion. Open the park however you want as long as it's within state guidelines. I guarantee a majority of the Facebook commenters wouldn't go wither way. People just like to argue on the internet.
  4. Really? It's like 40 degrees outside. I definitely don't envy anyone there today.
  5. Maybe an unpopular opinion but I wish parks would stop bothering to check restraints. Disney hasn't checked restraints for years. It's really a waste of time and it's not necessary.
  6. It doesn't say whether they would be an extra charge or not, it just seems like they might be. Usually things like that are. I'll just give them a call and see.
  7. What all is included in your $40 wristband? I was looking online at their list of rides and attractions and they list a lot of things that seem like they might be an extra charge (VR room, laser challenge, etc). Are these things included?
  8. I'll be hitting up SWSA and ZDT this Saturday as well. I was planning on getting to Seaworld around opening and then just staying until about 5 or 6 before heading to ZDT. Switchback is basically all I want to ride anyway and they have a coupon on their website for a few dollars off if you come within the last 3 hours of closing.
  9. If you've never been, it's definitely worth checking out. Wild One is a gem, Superman is decent fun, and Batwing is a dying breed worth a ride. Personally, I would wait a couple weekends until they work the kinks out.
  10. Not visiting Hard Rock Park in Myrtle Beach. My family used to take yearly trips to the Myrtle Beach area and my dad wouldn't take me to Hard Rock Park when it opened. I figured no big deal, I can try again next year. Well, next year never came.
  11. I would say Canada's Wonderland. They have 17 rollercoasters and outside of Behemoth, Leviathan, and Yukon Striker, they're all either average or below average. A few are just outright terrible.
  12. Well it's still sitting in the parking lot right now so I think 2022 is most likely.
  13. It's not a bad idea at all to commute to Kings Dominion. It's only a little over an hour and it's all interstate. Historically, that weekend will be one of the busiest for the Williamsburg area all year but who knows how COVID will effect that. Personally, I would try to go through RIC. They're both technically about an hour away from Williamsburg but tunnel traffic can get miserable making RIC the much easier commute.
  14. I'm going to SFOT and SFFT most likely on March 6 and 7th (Saturday and Sunday.) It really doesn't matter which day I go to which one. Does it matter which one I do which day as far as crowds are concerned? Additionally, I could go to SFFT on that Monday since they're open for spring break and I would just have to find something to do around town on Saturday. For context, I've never been to either park or even the state of Texas and want to hit as many rides as I can.
  15. Looks like you jinxed the slow news day! Disneyland announced that they are discontinuing their annual pass program and will be issuing refunds for those that currently hold one.
  16. Bummer. I'm heading out there next month for the first time and was really looking forward to it. Oh well, it gives me a reason to come back.
  17. It actually was my first Fright Fest I've been to plenty of other Halloween events but this one definitely takes the cake.
  18. I was there on Sunday. The attendant on El Toro wasn't happy about it but she begrudgingly let us choose the magic next-to-last row. For the most part though, they're assigning rows and aren't giving much leeway. The crowd was horrible. I've never seen so many disorderly people in my life. I thought a Sunday wouldn't be too bad since most people would leave early for work or school the next day but that didn't seem to be the case. An entire group of people literally shoved their way up the El Toro line and employees said nothing. Teenagers were running around the park with no regard for anyone else. I heard of a couple fights over near Nitro but I never saw anything myself. Security seemed to be doing a decent job but they were just overwhelmed and understaffed. These factors definitely made for a Six Flags day but luckily rides on El Toro and Nitro can make even the most frustrating day worthwhile.
  19. Well, the OP of the post cares because he's the one that asked the question. Don't know why you're being needlessly hostile for someone sharing their opinion.
  20. I think virtually all parks will be open as places like California and Virginia loosen their guidelines but I envision them having restrictions very similar to this year. Limited capacity/reservations, a mask mandate, certain attractions closed, etc. Hopefully we will see the return of haunt events because personally those are my favorite times to visit by far but I won't be too optimistic.
  21. Wow I can't believe you left so quickly. usually the back corner by Storm Chaser is dead. You should of been easily been able to social distance your self there. I was there a few Sundays ago and got six zen rides first thing in the morning before anyone else even made it back to that part of the park. Personally, poor customer service would never stop me from getting a ride on a great RMC especially if I've already paid to get in.
  22. Iron Gwazi, other upcoming SeaWorld parks roller coasters delayed to 2021 Yep, i'll take the L on that one. I thought since BGT is a year round park and it was already testing before the virus it was sure to open soon. What do i know
  23. Anyone able to see the prices for members? I logged in but it's still showing me the regular price.
  24. While I won't be riding any rides with a mask on (or visiting any park requiring them) I certainly wouldn't worry about moving a mask around during the ride. If it moves, so be it. Further evidence of the futility of a mask on the ride. The mask is already detracting from the ride, sure not going to mess it up even more fighting to keep a mask on just right. You should probably reserve your judgement on riding with a mask until you’ve actually experienced it. Personally, I forget that I’m even wearing the mask. The experience feels no different that normal.
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