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  1. How empty was the park? I can only imagine... Sounds like a dream event to go to, especially once the weather cleared up. What were the event hours anyway? The hours were 12-9 Eastern. Honda of Alabama is of course in Central time so 11-8 for us. We arrived at 3 Eastern and stayed till closing. When we topped the hill on I-20 it looked to still be raining on the other side of Atlanta so it had not stopped raining long. The longest wait we had was for Justice League which was about 10 minutes. On every coaster we rode, we stayed on and rode multiple times. Every ride was walk on or one train wait. We had drink tickets and a buffet meal which was really good. Our drink tickets came with a free funnel cake as well so the only money I spent was 10.00 for my son to play games. We also got free passes to cone back because of the weather which was really not as issue. It was a dream Six Flags day for sure!
  2. I was there Saturday with Honda at the private event. I guess the deal was that all rides would be open for the event because everything was open. The Honda folks didn't show up because of the rain so it was probably the best Six Flags trip I have ever had out of probably 50 or so. The park looks great! Pandemonium is a fantastic ride and Twisted Cyclone at night will really mess with you mind. We also got a pass to go back anytime before the 5th of January so I hope to go back before Holiday in the Park is done.
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