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  1. 50 minutes ago, bert425 said:

    how nice you can show your ignorance again. . . .

    SFFT . . you are SO completely incorrect, that being right is not only in Greek to you, but it's in an unbreakable code.

    1st park to get FreeSpin,  one of only two parks in the chain with Premier Spaghetti Bowl, the first park in the world to get RMC Single Rail Coaster (and the 1st park to have two RMCs), the 1st park to get a 7 across B&M Dive Coaster,  one of the 1st two parks to get the giant Pendulum - and the ONLY one to get a themed indoor queue for it.   

    oh. . lets see. . how else are you wrong?  

    SFFT is absolutely a destination park - with SWSA right up the loop, and the Alamo, Riverwalk, and San Antonio Zoo in the area as well - not to even bring up the only wooden shuttle coaster in the world less than 40 minutes away in Sequin?   

    Yup. . . it's absolutely a destination, multi day stay in the San Antonio Area, and SFFT is a big part of that.


    you're so wrong about so much, I just keep waiting for you to be correct about at least one or TWO things (even a broken clock is correct twice a day)

    You must be from San Antonio. 

    i figured i would get complaints for SFFT classiciation. 

    Anyway its in Texas so SFOT has to have first choice over SFFT.  Thats that.  SFOT is the 1st Six Flags 

    If anything all youve done is prove my point about the disjointed nature of six flags installations. 

    Ex; SFOT shouldve gotten a large b&m dive and SFFT could get a large Gerstlauer Infinity.


    the whole point of doing it this way is to encourage GP to visit at least SFMM and your regional park. If not visit 3 or 4 Six Flags. EX: SFOT SFFT SFMM SFSTL

  2. Idlewild is like what Six Flags should model their parks after. It has such a distinctly American flavor with all the picket fences and “downhome” energy. The signs at Columbus Zoo were also in that downhome Americana energy. 

    HW does well IMO bc their rides have clever names and themeing. Clever themes dont have to cost much but have a lot of impact. 

    I havent been to HW since Pilgrims opened.  I forgot why it was removed

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  3. 3 minutes ago, prozach626 said:

    I feel like maybe we were on the same page, with a miscommunication.

    *Off topic*

    But, I disagree with one point. Saint Louis is a shithole. I live here. It is FAR from a wonderful city.

    Crime rates, depression, happiness, infrastructure... Aside from a decent handful of attractions for tourists and locals, it's a nice place to visit, but a bad place to live. We rarely go downtown, and we leave the general Saint Louis area by mid-afternoon. You have to be selective and smart about where you go, and what routes to take.

    Building wonderful zoo's doesn't take away from the cancer that continuously spreads from the inner city, going north and east. It crosses the river into one of the most dangerous areas in the country being East Saint Louis. People keep moving further and further away from the city, just to get away from the growing chaos. Remember, we were the beginning of the nationwide anti-police riots. It didn't escalate because it was in a sleepy area. It escalated, because it was already in a war zone, and the incident was a spark to make the fire.

    I just started a job with a 10k pay cut away from the North Saint Louis area. It's a nicer bedroom community, because it's more isolated. It chooses to have no entertainment district draw to bring people in. There's no draw for non-locals. It's where we're moving in a couple years.

    The problem with my old job is that North Saint Louis came right across our bridge into Illinois, and made a bad town much worse. Kind of like when a soccer mom is driving home, and has a handful of criminals jump out and point AR rifles in her face trying to take her car. They came from right across the bridge, and went right back. The same place they come from when they steal cars, or play shoot-em-up on the weekends in the bar district. 20 years ago it hadn't made it this far, but it's there now.

    My boots are on the ground here, so don't tell me otherwise.

    *End rant.

    I went to Wash U so STL will always be special to me. 

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  4. 22 hours ago, AmyUD06 said:

    I'm convinced that was just a scheme to increase their stock prices and was never a serious offer. I hope LOL. 

    They probably wanted to buy CF to gain access to their superior management and strategies. That is a long tradition in business, it's easier to just buy what you don't have than develop it internally. 

    You can see this in the Volkswagen deal with Rimac, they gave Rimac Bugatti because it was cheaper for VW to do that than develop their own product line similar to Rimac's. 

  5. On 8/18/2022 at 6:35 PM, jarmor said:

    YOu can gradually raise the price while you are gradually improving the product.  Charging 30-40 is not gradually improving the parking experience when you don't offer trams, shade or even an eveningly paved lot.  Look how long it took to add a restroom near superman and batman at six flags america.  Too many things that would enhance the guest experience have been too long ignored and you just cant say ok we want to consider ourselves in the league of disney and universal so pay us more and we will provide new benches.


    I just feel dejected because it feels six flags is making it seem like they parks have become city dumps due to the customers while they turned their rides into advertisements, tapped IP's that interest teens and ignore creating a family experience like they use to before they started buying up parks and lost their way.

    Its likely that in order to secure funding the lenders required six flags to improve their income forecasts in some way. Raising the price was an easy way to do that. 

    Turning their rides into advertisements was the first indicator that SF is not very liquid and is probably scraping by. Rather than continue to scrape by the new CEO is going to make the company thrive again (hopefully). 

    I expect huge investments into six flags properties actually.

  6. On 8/17/2022 at 6:42 AM, prozach626 said:

    *Double post due to delay*


    Right, but there's one thing... No one who goes to Magic Mountain knows, or gives a shit that Six Flags Over Texas got a new ride style before them. 

    "Stratification" seems to exist when you compare parks like Magic Mountain to Saint Louis. Or, are they both getting cutting edge attractions?


    Cedar Fair manages to retain CP as a destination park, luring people from around the globe really. If what you're saying mattered then Cedar Fair would have made i305 taller than MF. I think they only made Fury taller bc the layout was supposed to work in a certain plot of land, making it shorter would've messed up their plans to have the ride go under the pathway into the Trombone turn or whatever its called. 

    St Louis is a wonderful city and I love the Ozarks, but they simply do not have the customer base to support a cutting-edge ride. There is no reason why STL should get anything similar to SFMM. Ex; SFMM should get a 200' Mack powersplash and SFSTL can get an all-new Intamin rapids ride. Something like that. 

    You're actually making me do this; 

    PINNACLE - International Draw, GP plan vacations to visit exclusively. Only cutting-edge brand new rides

    - SFMM

    PRESTIGE - Super-Regional Draw, GP will go out of their way to include this park in their vacation. Cutting edge brand new rides only after SFMM receives it

    - SFOT

    - SFOG

    - SFGAM

    - SFGADV

    - SFOM 

    - LARONDE 

    PREMIER  - Regional Draw, GP won't go out of their way to go to this park and will go in their free-time. Virtually no cutting edge brand new rides unless relocated from a Prestige or Pinnacle park. 

    - SFSTL 

    - SFDK 

    - SFFT

    - SFNE 

    OBVIOUSLY I dont have access to SF internal documents, this could be shifted around depending on attendance. We also need the zip codes of those who attend to get a better idea of the regional impact. 


  7. Six Flags' biggest problem is that their parks are not stratified properly.

    Even stores like Louis Vuitton have stratified stores, they have their Pinnacle stores which get all the latest and most exclusive stuff vs their Outfitter locations that only carries the most classic time-tested LV products. This is how LV thrives in boring places like DC or Aspen, and flashy places like Las Vegas and Miami. 

    Six Flags has no stratification in place like this.


    Off-hand SFMM should be the Flagship and should receive what other parks get before any other park. WW should have been installed before NJ Devil and been the first of a trio. SFMM receiving it a full calendar year before Great Adventure or Great America would place SFMM in the Pinnacle position. 

    Obviously the Pinnacle should be the most attended park and should serve as the preview for what to expect in the other parks. Trickled down. 

    Another one, SFMM should have received Aquaman first, not SFOT. That is another ridiculous oversight that compromises the brand as a whole. SFMM should have gotten Aquaman for a full calendar year then they can build clones all over if they choose. Six Flags needs a centralized department that creates Trios or Quartets of rides to be installed in a strategic manner across the country. Each park should have a one-off rides to ensure it is unique in some way. 

    The installation of the arrow triplets (viper shockwave gasm) and batman clones IS six flags dna. 

    Six Flags should consider selling off all their lowest performing parks, namely SFA.

    A park like SFA has so little to do with a 'real' Six Flags like Great Adventure it shouldn't even have the Six Flags name. 


    They should seriously consider dropping 100 million on SFMM to turn it into the Pinnacle. SFMM has been neglected since honestly 2008. 

  8. 13 minutes ago, AmyUD06 said:

    And how would you propose doing that, given that the original coaster is now operating in another park (in a third-world country to boot, so you know maintenance hasn't been done), has recently had a major incident, and is by a long-defunct manufacturer?  Seriously people, think before you speak.

    I never specified to rebuild the actual original. You merely inferred that. 

    Why don't you think before you speak? 

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  9. It would only make sense to add LSM if they can extended it somehow. As-is the GP wouldnt even notice the 20m investment that the overhaul of the launch system would cost. 

    if they do add LSMs then they need to add a bowl section like accelerator. So that the GP will recognize it as “different”  or go nuts and create a Formula Rossa West 

    I think the expansion of TTD is the most logical  route for CP since they will get a bunch of records  

    regardless CP is never getting rid of TTD simply bc Kingda Ka exists. 

  10. Is this their version of big thunder mountain? If so you cannot skimp on a ride like that. 

    Dollywoods biggest issue is the fact it wasnt circular until very recently. which is the whole point of wildwood grove. 

    As someone who is familiar w thw smokies and appalachians wild wood grove is cool and makes perfect sense bc thats how the smokies and appalachians are. Heavily wooded mountain tops and valleys with natural clearings in the low lying plains. 

    Park needs a showcase b&m hyper really since wild eagle didnt really move the needle. 

  11. On 6/21/2022 at 8:51 PM, Jew said:

    Glendale is home to the AZ Cardinals, Dodgers/White Sox Spring Training, will host the Super Bowl every 10 years or so, plus the Phoenix metro area which only has Castles and Coasters.  It will do just fine.

    Idk why u listed temporary or seasonal events… las vegas is there 24/7 365… 

    if i was an investor id immediately wonder why nobody else built outside Phoenix… if its so lucrative why isnt castles and coasters getting investments or able to purchase more than a 1979 schwarzkopf. 

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