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  1. Such a coaster that fits in a small space, yet offers big thrills. Nowadays, everyone wants to run the tallest, fastest, and insane-looking coaster as they forget that even the little coasters can offer thrills just like the big daddies. I may like to ride big rides, but I also like the smaller rides as well.


    Too bad this coaster is in a place I probably won't be able to visit within my lifetime. Oh well, I can always watch the video and pretend I'm ridding it.


    I agree with you. I wish more Chance rollercoaster were being made because Lightning Run seems to be awesome, compact/small, and packs a punch that some huge coasters do not even get close to.

  2. I think the whole "New France" section is a bit bizarre as well. As for Griffon I am with the others who think it looks fantastic where it is. I do however think Alpengeist has the best placement as it has a lot of hidden areas you can't see from walking around the park. With all that said this is still one of my favorite parks.


    I think Busch knows what they are doing and hey if they get a 300ft+ coaster I don't think it will stop people from coming. I know I will be there day one!

  3. Sunday crowds are typically very light. If you are there before the gates open, you can knock out all the coasters in a couple hours with no lines. Might start getting busy around 1 or 2 but it's also likely to stay dead. Do Twisted Cyclone first. Hit Daredevil. Sit on Goliath for a couple laps since no one will be in line waiting. I usually wait for row 1, then sit on whatever is open when we get back to the station. Knock out Superman, Scream Machine, Blue Hawk. Then get Batman and Mindbender. Kiddie coaster and mine train will round it out. Acrophobia is pretty good.


    Do Monster Mansion. Good dark ride.


    Thanks for the information. I haven't been here in a few years and don't want to spend the extra money on flash pass if it isn't needed. With that said, I am looking forward to riding Pandomonium and Twisted Cyclone as I haven't ridden either of those. After riding Lightning Rod at Dollywood this summer I cant wait to try another RMC!

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