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  1. I went yesterday and it was pretty packed. All the main rides were running. Harley Quinn was down until a few hours into the day, then it was constantly running. V2 had about a 10-15 min wait. Joker was around 30 min. Superman and Batman had long lines so skipped those. Medusa had a bigger line as well, not sure what the wait time would be. SFDK still does the wristbands. We had purchased online and redeemed them early on. The lines were really long around 6pm so definitely get those as early as possible. Shipwreck was probably the worst maze. It had 3-4 actors with a kinda small line but long wait time. By the time we got towards the front, then sent groups of 10 so that kills the thrill as well. St Hades Hospital was probably the best haunted maze Ive been too. The scares were great and the maze was really well done well imo. St Hades Hospital and Demons Lair are both next to each other and they had the shortest wait times. Its kinda hidden so maybe people couldn’t find it. Carnevil had the longest line but that maze was really good as well. All in all, we had a great time.
  2. Does anyone know the Fright Fest mazes at SFDK? On their site it says NEW: Demons Lair and Scarecrows Hollow. Are these the only mazes or are there more. I bought the Fright Fest wristband and now wondering if it was even worth it. Also their page says Monday, October 8 is a non Fright Fest product (OCT 8 is Tuesday). So I’m wondering if this is even the right page because I can’t seem to find anything else.
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