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  1. In case you haven't seen it, Bloomington approved the zoning and building plans for the MOA water park early this week. The high res drawings are available at; https://agendasuite.org/iip/bloomington/file/getfile/71041 Looks cool, but almost a little underwhelming compared to West Edmonton (same owner), which seems to be a lot taller. I'm not sure how that all comes into play with Valleyfair's plans, but it's a nice visual of what the competition is doing (or at least wants to) 15 miles away. If they play it right Valleyfair could make theirs more unique/different keeping a
  2. Garyman6- Thanks for all the info! I saw Mr. Cleavers Bloodshed was closed for a while. We now know it was because it got too wet... When that happens, who screams more- the guest or the monster? I've been to quite a few other haunts around the twin cities and while they all have their pluses and minuses, Valleyscare has the best overall fun factor, hands down. There's a reason why they get the crowds they do! After last weekend, that leaves only 6 Looping Starship rides anywhere that still function. So there does appear to be a point of no return on the maintenance side of
  3. I totally agree- this is Valleyfair- so almost any custom coaster or other ride would qualify as "big" by that standard, a Wild Thing size would be absolutely huge....a large B&M would be more like a miracle. I guess when I see a separate parking lot for the water park I tend to think separate fee. I really hope your right that it would still be one park, if they do a big water park expansion. But when I look at things like a very small percentage increase in attendance at Cedar Point after they built Steel Vengeance, I look at it both ways. Was that a x% increase, or keeping it fr
  4. OOPS- I was wrong. Looking closer at the photos they replaced another similar coaster in 2015! But I stand by what I was saying that for Valleyfair, it is an example of a loss of the more thrill rides to tamer versions.
  5. Actually Wild Rails has been operating since 2009 per Google Earth Photos. It was moved to Jolly Roger Amusement Park as Wild Cat - https://jollyrogeroc.com/attraction/wild-cat/ Wild Mouse was a replacement and also a decision to make it a more tame ride, not because they couldn't keep Wild Rails running. That's fair. But then it's also a replacement! They would likely announce something like that. I'd support a water park expansion, it's just when and how. If they build it out as planed in 2015 it will have separate park entrance and fees. Effectively two pa
  6. Valleyfair is becoming the incredible shrinking park, at least for now. With Dinosaurs alive going away, RipTide gone with no replacement, losing the Looping Starship is another "hit". Granted Delirious has better seating restraints, but the Starship has longer (slowy goodness!) hang times, is smoother, quieter and taller. I'm not blaming them- Looping Starship has been showing signs of significant age/wear, and when they installed Delirious I figured Starships days were numbered....though Looping Starship is also one of my favorite rides at the park. (I personally place it on par with re
  7. After the previous posts about Valleyscare being too bright etc. I wasn't sure what to expect when I went last night. But happily it was all good! They made a concerted effort to keep the peace- including no profanity. That can actually help a lot on picking out the "problem" groups long before things escalate and get worse... I saw no roaming groups that were a concern. There were two areas lit up brightly, but they were near the food areas and didn't really affect the scare zones. Fog everywhere help create a great atmosphere. Down by the the Undertakers/Dark Harvest area in parti
  8. I agree with RollerColester. Though I would miss Excalibur. It's a small roller coaster but it is unique and fun in it's own right. One thing that Valleyfair has by it's lack of being cutting edge, is what it does get tends to be unique or improved versions of the rides. By that I mean if you ride Corkscrew at Ceder Point, and than at Valleyfair- it's clear that the later version of the ride at Valleyfair has been improved and is better in smoothness etc. That might give it some extra lifespan too. Excalibur does shows what happens with a lack of cohesive management plan though. B
  9. They wouldn't want to reuse Excalibur wood substructure for a RMC- or anything really. There are two reasons for it- first it isn't much of a structure- compare it to Renegade. Excalibur has very little to it. The second reason is far more substantial- there is a design flaw on the footings. Valleyfair is on a floodplain and they used small footings.... I'm not design engineer, and I don't do roller coaster maintenance....but I seriously suspect those small footings has a lot to do with the roughness of the ride. If they sink or shift at different rates, they would have to re-trim. Excalibur
  10. Getting an already approved permit extended is usually no big deal- other than the paperwork and maybe a renewal fee- provided that no new issues are involved. It's been a wet year, but the dike they wanted is half built already being a previous roadbed. Plus it's a dike- they can get wet. Like when a park starts laying footings for an unannounced roller coaster, Valleyfair would have no problems starting dike work before an announcement. Especially since the dike would hardly be visible from the park as is, and it would dry up a portion of the areas they already use that they have diffic
  11. Sorry I don't remember for sure - we were walking around a corner- I think it was near the Bumper Cars, but it might have been by the Mad Mouse/Looping Starship ride too. (I'd have to look at the bushes again) Mostly I remember the screaming, and whoever did it, really threw themselves into the role. It was very well done!
  12. I was at Valleyscare last year with my nephew (13). Walking down the sidewalk one of the actors comes running out of the bushes with another chasing him, trying to murder him. His victim trying to use us as a shield to hide behind to avoid being stabbed...(His screams were quite impressive). Since it wasn't in one of the haunted houses and totally unexpected, I caught my nephew actually hiding behind me for safety. I have no idea if that is part of the training, or if two people just decided to do that on their own. But it scared the crap out of him- of all the things there, that little imp
  13. I'm new to this forum but have been going to Valleyfair for many years. As I see it, this years lack of major investment makes sense and is fully coherent given the overall landscape; 2015 Valleyfair filed for permits to complete the old road on their western border to make a dike, complete with references to water park expansion. They later received regulatory approval for wetland construction etc. Spring 2019 Raul Rehnborg becomes the new general manager at Valleyfair. Previous experience includes being the Director of Soak City Waterpark at Knott's Berry Farm, ran the water park
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