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  1. Hi. I'm from Chile, and so far we only have 1 major amusement park called Fantasilandia (or Fantasyland). Its major roller coasters are: Vekoma's Boomerang, Vekoma's Mine Train, and a Vekoma SLC called Raptor (nothing to do with B&M ) In other words, I've only took Vekoma rides, which to what I seen so far doesn't have the best reviews... But, it means I don't know any better yet!! This is what I think of all three: Mine Train is meh, not good, not bad. Boring. Raptor is horripilant, VERY unpleasant, and by the time I went, the train had the "shoulder harness" (hoping it's p
  2. Hi! I'm working on a Sonic the Hedgehog fangame for the Sega Genesis/Megadrive, currently programming the base engine. I'm a great fan of the 2D Sonic games, including the new Sonic Mania, but not Sonic 4 nor Sonic Forces I'd like to ask, what you think about the level layouts from those games? My favourite by far are those from Sonic Mania, with Sonic 2 being very close. IMO, nearly every level in Mania is just about perfect, with Studiopolis and Stardust Speedway as my personal favourites!! Really, would you change anything from those maps? Sonic 2 special stages are also the best on
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