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  1. -21 years old -My first coaster was "Big thunder mountain" at EuroDisney in 1992 and my first looping coaster, in 1993, "Goudurix" at Parc Astérix (not a torture machine like today )
  2. The european image theme park will open in 2006 his first "real" attraction. With more 15 cinemas and just an Intamin GyroTower, the park has start the construction of "Danse avec les Robots" (danse with robots), the new attraction for 2006 : 10 kuka robocoasters. 2 Teasers : http://gnsite.free.fr/newsparcs/futuroscope_danseaveclesrobots_teaser1.jpg http://gnsite.free.fr/newsparcs/futuroscope_danseaveclesrobots_teaser2.jpg Information by: http://www.newsparcs.com/index2.php?choix=20&lim=25&larg=1280&haut=1024&suite=2553#2553 For the cinemas, this year, 5 news films. You can found all cinema possible : -motion 3d -3d -360° -Imax -hight definition -interactive -Flying carpet (one screen in front, other underneath : 2 X 700m²) -motion -...in an unique architecture style. And by night, an amazing show on the lac with water walls, fireworks, lasers .. Interactive plan of the park : http://www.futuroscope.org/plan.php You can dowload english brochure by clic in English flag: http://www.futuroscope.org
  3. France : Fururoscope : 4h Disneyland Resort Paris : 6h Parcs Astérix : 6h
  4. April 9 : Disneyland Resort Paris April 10: Parc Astérix October 21 => 31 : WDW, Universal Orlando, Sea Worl and BGTB.
  5. Date for the (re)openning has change. Before: Now: Reasons for this change is ....... Prince Charles :shock: This is not a joke. Mariage of Prince Charles and ..(I don't now her name) his future wife will be April 9th. They don't want medias "forget" this openning because of the mariage .... 8) =>Just a small part in newspapers and TV ...
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