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  1. Many have seen our theme for HoliWood Nights 2021: The Wizard of Ahhh...hs. But did you know we're doing some major work on one of our wooden coasters in 2021? It's more than 500 feet of eight layers and more than 100 feet of the top two layers. I'll give you three guesses.
  2. I suppose now might be a good time to introduce myself. With RavenMaven now retired, I'm LegendFledgling and I'll be attempting to do some of what Paula did (though we'll need at least two people to replace her). It seems everyone has already heard we have an announcement coming up, and for anyone local or planning a trip around that time, we'd love to see some enthusiasts in Santa Claus on August 6 at noon (central time)! If you can't be there in person, we'll make the announcement to our e-newsletter quickly after our live announcement.
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