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  1. So the park was mobbed, lines for food were crazy, lines to get maze passes were mobbed, it was chaotic and unorganized, the Haunts were lacking scares and actually really boring.... but overall it was pretty good?




    Lol I know it's dumb but it wasn't terrible. Yes, lines were bad for everything and haunts were boring but I had a good night and that's all that matters. At least I didn't have to pay to get in, then I'd be pissed.

  2. Was at the park for fright fest on Saturday, lines for food were crazy and lines to get the maze passes were mobbed. We were in the main line when you walk down main street and the guy was directing people to other locations so we went to the location by the midnight mansion haunt. There was only one person handling all the sales so the line didn't move and we ended up moving back to the main street line which moved way faster.


    Haunts themselves seemed a little lacking in the scares and I'm normally very easily scared. The props were amazing though and my favorite maze was the tales of terror one since it was all based on stories like 3 little pigs, hansel and gretel. The circus 3D was actually really boring and I hate clowns so I was surprised.


    Overall, it was pretty good and I do want to go again and VIP was seriously necessary to hit all 5 mazes.

  3. Most hotels close to the park are sold out for fright fest days. I was looking after returning from my trip in August. The ones in Cranbury involve paying a toll every time you drive to and from the park if you get on 95 to 195. There's obviously ways around the toll, just don't know how long those will take. I stayed in Hamilton Township last visit and it was great, all we had to do was stay on 195 to the park and it was 15 minutes.

  4. Endeavors are awesome rides. This will be another great addition to the park. From the renderings it appears it's going to take the spot formerly occupied by Kryptonite Kollider / Joker's Wildcard. Not too surprised that's going away, I mean, it makes sense now that Cyborg's opened up... there isn't really a need for two Trabant-like rides. (Well, I guess there isn't a need for two boomerangs or two pendulums either, but let's take one step at a time.)


    Others have said Kryptonite is being moved, especially based on town meeting records where they've requested to move a ride. I just wonder where it's going in the park.

  5. Glad to hear Cyclone sporting a good crew!


    Yeah they had 4 attendants which I hadn't seen before. Granted I haven't been much lately but it didn't sound like there was any improvement based on the posts here. But on a ride where I've always sat on the brake run for 2-3 minutes it was a surprise to see them usually be ready when the other train hit the brakes.


    Superman had trains leaving the station when the previous train was leaving the second tunnel. I haven't seen that kind of efficiency in years.


    Never did go down to Batman to get my boowops in today, but that ride always seems to have the slowest crew of all of them so I wonder how that was going today.


    You got lucky, on Sunday they were only sending trains out when the other reached the brake run and even then it was like a minute sitting there until the other one dispatched

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