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  1. Perhaps you mixed up the theming of railblazer or demon there? Patriot has no rock theming or any other theming other than its in hometown square and they converted it to a floorless and called it patriot. the more i ride it the more i kinda wish it was still a stand up but i'm kind of a sucker for stand up coasters i guess lol. Demon is rough entering or exiting transitions like many arrow loopers, it's the oldest coaster in the park but its not too bad in 3rd row from the back seats like most arrow loopers. Goldstriker is in dire need of a retrack its a ton of fun but the faster i
  2. Good review and as a local i agree with your sentiments. the supporting cast of coasters is nice but not good enough to bother re-riding (demon, patriot and of course boring slow loading grizzly) CGA actually sent me a survey to fill out today in my e-mail while i was at SFDK (lol) and i gave em high marks everywhere but thrill rides and stated they should add a hyper and RMC the grizzly and it'll be hands down the best park in northern California bar none. On GS, i agree its getting rough but if you make sure to not get stapled so you can get air out of your seat it is still a really fun
  3. Superman is great for sure, The Joker is a solid coaster as is medusa. I agree completely on the animal sections of the park they need to redo it all phase out animal attractions slowly because a bunch of them are next to useless and the animals don't appear to be happy in many of them. I went today just got back its like idk the 5th time for me there this year probably? the usual issues I have with the park joker was up and down all morning and medusa was single training in the morning but fortunately by afternoon they had two trains back on and Joker sorted its issues out and was solid
  4. The Boomerang at SFDK uses second gen Vekoma trains not Arrow trains. oh indeed, i just recalled them looking a lot like an updated arrow train when i rode it a few weeks ago, makes sense then!
  5. only one i have done is the one at SFDK, it wasn't bad and it does have the old arrow style trains but i'm kinda used to those by now anyhow but overall i mean the boomerangs are easily much better than SLC's
  6. Yeah renaming it to a local theme South Bay Shores. tons of additions and changes beyond just the major drop slide complex https://www.cagreatamerica.com/explore/south-bay-shores as for the Hyper, there was plenty of Hype over it because CF did request and get granted planning permits for a 210 foot rollercoaster and even went as far last year as starting up a building permit for the Hyper but then canceled the building permit, mind you this was all after Railblazer as well. best guess at this point is the Hyper probably will be re-started in a year or two I think they were trial running i
  7. I'll throw out first giga in Texas perhaps? i mean CA and TX don't have one still the other states he listed of course don't either
  8. Yeah i heard it was back on two trains (maybe by you elsewhere?) but if it was its back on one and has been every time i have gone this year so far.
  9. Trip report for California's Great America this past saturday 7/27. This is my home park and i have gone 3 times previously but never stayed all day my typical routine is go in for ERT and leave once the lines get too long, this time i decided sense i had nothing to do to do a full day so I was there from ERT opening at 9 AM till near close at 10 PM. ERT was Top Gun (Flight Deck) and by 1 PM it was packed so i bought a fast lane which sealed the deal for me staying all day. Rides and experiences in no peticular order. Goldstriker (4x) Early morning rides seem smoother to me,
  10. i'm 5'11" 240 lbs typically. never had to walk of shame a ride yet, its tight for me on some seats on B&M Inverts i can always latch but sometimes the belt buckles are a tad short and the ride op has to staple me. also had similar happen on an intamin impulse, first time i rode it that day it was fine, later on when i took a back seat spot the Ride op told me i was too big and i told her i had just rode it earlier that day so she tried again and got the buckle to go. RMC's have never been an issue for me even with my pockets loaded with stuff and a belt on i have seen some people get
  11. after a 3rd trip this past sunday this time with my sister and her kids i can say for sure the place is quite hit or miss. day started off bad with joker down all morning, i took my two pre-teen nephews on superman because i knew line would be long later anyways and hoped they'd have the joker up and running once we got off but sadly they did not. at this point it was wonder woman or batman to go on over in that area and they were too intimidated / sacred by superman at that point to do either lol. so we headed to medusa and as expected it was operating great with two trains and a short wait a
  12. I am a fan of SLC's. I always found my best riding style on those was to hold my head all the way forward out of the restraint. You get zero head banging that way a pretty enjoyable intense ride. Ah i know what you mean i do that on CGA's Demon and Patriot due to the head banging as well i'll have to try it on Kong next time i go thanks for the tip!
  13. You didn't find the back of Joker to have the strongest airtime? I found that row significantly better than the front when I visited the park last year. Glad they got 2 trains running for you. I believe he meant to say "any seat [is good], but the back will get you the most ejector....." Oh, the importance of a comma! Also, for the locals, has the Flash been running fairly consistently? I'm heading to the park on Monday and given that it was closed when I went last summer, I'm really hoping it's running that day. I know there's no way to tell now, but if it's been running fairly
  14. Update : visited again today to grab missed credits. crowd was decent but not excessive. The Joker was running two trains (finally) really did have a much better time though their operations do seem quite shaky at times still Joker was very late to open and broke down right as i got on it my 5th time (but really it wasn't broken they just needed to cycle the train again but made us wait over nothing heh) top rides there imho #1 The Joker: any seat but back will get you the most ejector as with any RMC i have ridden #2 Medusa : Front i have found is best overall experience on B&M
  15. i went this past Sunday 6/30. morning started out good sense i hung out in DC area and they opened joker around 11 am and i got on pretty fast, then i went to medusa, about a 10 minute wait not bad then i headed back over to DC area and go in line for batman. about half hour wait wasn't bad. not a big fan of the ride though little to no g-forces its all just spin and scare you crap, i'll pass going forward its a glorified carnival zipper to me. so far joker easily best ride here (knew i would be) and Medusa is a great floorless B&M. after batman i debated waiting to get on superman bu
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