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  1. Not sure I agree... why is there an ECG 12-Lead for a coaster that is dead? Also, why does it say 11 AZ? Firehawk wasn’t in Action Zone area of the park like Invertigo is- It was in X-base.
  2. We won’t lose our minds. We will all be able to see it. Kings Island is in a poor location to hide anything. It’s not secluded by any stretch of the imagination. We also have this horrible thing called winter, where cold, rain, snow and ice are the norm. It becomes more difficult to get quality concrete in the ground and tough to get projects to go vertical with any speed, since the conditions are an unknown. If they want it open in May 2020, vertical construction will have to start sooner rather than later. Each year it feels like we are into May before winter temps leave and into June before real warmth comes. Cincinnati is starting to seriously lack a Spring and Fall anymore.
  3. That’s a huge problem. A major disconnect between the park and FD. I’m guessing the park doesn’t know what shelter in place means.
  4. The fire burned along the path of both the main entrance and what would be the alternate route (out the back where employees usually enter). Bad and worse. This is truly where jumping fences becomes an emergency exit.
  5. Glad everyone is ok, but that sounds like a literal disaster in the making. You can’t cut off the only egress from a place. If there is that much of a threat of similar incidents, then it sounds like a secondary egress route needs to be paved in. It also sounds like better coordination of emergency planning and management needs to exist between the park and the Fire Department.
  6. I would really have liked to try this out. Unfortunately, my trip to Legoland and Disney in July, just wouldn't allow this to work out. I guess it will be another desert party kind of year.
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