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  1. I’m going to drop this here. forgive me if there’s a more appropriate place:

    I’m looking at an eight day UAE trip towards the end of the month February that splits three days Dubai/two Expo/two ABD and last day in Dubai.

    My tentative theme park sketch would be part of one day at Ferrari and part of one day that stacks IMG/Motiongate and maybe Bollywood… (see below).

    Plus two days at the Expo.  Any recs on-not-to-miss overall strategies for either the parks or the Expo? 

    Considering I’ll be moving pretty quickly through the parks to concentrate on cultural things and keep it balanced.  I’m more interested in unique, interesting, then maxing out.  I’ve glanced at the other parks around they do not seem of interest…

    Storm and Bombay Express are probably the two rides, I would be most excited about.

    Any news on either?  Seems pretty silent out there.

    -Doing some deep investigation in Dubai Hills community facebook groups it sounds like the new mall set to soft open 2/17.  Though that hasn’t been announced…  And who knows if that means the coaster is ready.. 

    -When I was at GCI last summer, they basically implied Bombay Express is ready to go and waiting on the UAE approval.  At that time, the trains for the Vietnam coaster were still in Pennsylvania being built…  I was hoping that the Motiongate rides opening across the street would competitively push the GCI open. 

    -Looks like Museum of the Future will be a miss too…

    Any overall tips, insight on the parks or off the beaten path would be appreciated.

  2. Yeah, I still can't reconcile why the Florida one tore down the brand new Starliner...  And when they were one of the early contenders to repurpose Rye Playland a decade back, they had similar ideas to scrap the Dragon Coaster.

    They could think outside the box (of Legos) a bit.

    I wonder if as their initial audience ages the ride installs grow with this generation.  Or they keep focus on 3 to 8.  I feel like with the companies reach into adult audience of late with sets that keep getting more complicated and  detailed, they could easily level up without losing brand identity.


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  3. 19 hours ago, coasterbill said:

    The season will now run through the end of December. Opening Day is April 8th.

    This park is like 30 minutes from me and I've still never bothered to go. Let's see if we keep that tradition alive...

    Same for a while. I wanted to see it opening year/support the area venture.  They did a nice job with the infrastructure how the park wraps down the hill and has some great overlooks of the park and the area hills.  It kind of has a Great Escape vibe and will look great when landscape grows in a little.

    There's nothing there to do besides walk around if you don't have young kids.  Though the models are cool.  The trackless dark ride that keeps getting high marks is unimpressive.

    I went for a couple hours on Thanksgiving day.  A nice gesture, they gave us come back free tickets for the first month of 2022 season.




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  4. Considering a run for the first time in like 20 years, a couple questions for anyone who has been very recently:

    -Has the Bobsled run consistently lately (Aug/July 2021)?  Does it have a rule of thumb/schedule when it typically operates?

    -Since this park is kind of off the beaten path and in a resort area; does it buck the trend of being concentrated busy on weekends vs. weekdays?  Or it a really bad idea to go on an Aug. Sat/Sunday?


  5. 15 hours ago, Satans Hockey said:

    This park isn't that far from me but I've still never been....

    El toro's not coming  back anytime soon.  I think it's time to take the long drive to check out the "boring" atmosphere of Playland and the Wonder Wheel.  Phoenix is lit if you need the shiny coaster incentive and recent re tracking work on Cyclone has it running the best I've seen it  during my 20 year tenure.

  6. Glad you had a positive experience and thanks for sharing.  Playland is a special place.

    That being said, I think you kind of missed the point of both the Dragon Coaster and Olde Mill.  They were designed to be long and boring.

    The Dragon Coaster is a scenic railway.  A family coaster to pair with the more extreme Prior and Church across the midway.  The Aeroplane, mirrored the Dragon on the cross axis and sat where the Volare and Thunderbolt currently are.  Yeah, the Morgan trains do it no favors, but there is nothing really left of that era/style on such grand scale standing that I can think of (maybe the Seabreeze Jack Rabbit).

    Yes the Old Mill was originally more a tunnel of love.  The Sally story overlay dates from the early aughts.  It’s again supposed to be long and dark.  Kids need constant engagement these days…

    On the other hand the Whip was too aggressive for you, huh?  I hope you made it on the Derby Racer, recently restored.  It’s a true star of the park.

  7. I haven't been this year.  But I would give yourself 3-4 hours.  Relax, enjoy.  Stroll the boardwalk to the south.  Dusk is a good time to soak it in.  Crowds are not usually a concern.  The park tends to close for the day early with weather, so be aware of that.

    The old mill is probably already on your radar.  Everything else you already mentioned.  The historics (Dragon, Carousels, Old Mill).  There are two laff-in-the- darks.  The house of mirrors.  Skip the Volare (I warned you...)

    Usually you cannot get on the Kiddie Coaster sans a kid and they're strict on it.  Though I haven't tried in many years.

  8. On 7/23/2021 at 1:52 AM, RaccHudson said:

    Am I wrong about the water level being too high tho

    Probably.  I don't see how that statement is verified based on your facts.   Just because there is water visible in an area in drain condition in an aerial doesn't mean it could not be 3" of standing water and the drain is functioning.  This is kind of dangerous extrapolation without the facts or expertise (or ability to accurately verify that information) before putting it out there and drawing strong conclusions. Written very artfully and dramatically without any legs.  Extra points for sneaking in a political bias based on irrelevant donor information. 

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  9. Rock & Roller.  I was the dude that met you (Friend of your co-worker).  Great Beautiful days to be at CP.

    Kennywood was great too.  Although we got trapped in the heat.  I was really blown away by Steel Curtain.  I guess my expectations going in were pretty low.  It looks like an SLC... but it rode like an RMC.  Smooth as glass, air or hang time on every element.

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  10. I rode KK and Zumanjaro for the first time once each on Wednesday.  The Zumanjaro ride timed perfectly that we dropped and raced the Ka train down the tower.  I had the right most seat in the right most car.   It was surreal.  Apparently there is no timing and it appears to happen about one out of every 25-30 times.

    We had Platinum and Jersey Devil was on it.  This wasn't advertised at the pick-up point.  We didn't realize it until we were waiting in line for JD to open and one of the crew told us.  Scanning through the wristwatch it was indeed there and did activate when the ride opened (around 3 pm).  We were told it was platinum only.  First time they made us wait in the pre-security line.  Then once the entrance team recognized and cleared us, we could go right up to the formal queue entrance and skip the pre-security line.

    They were running a strict locker policy (ala Steel Vengeance) though with no metal detectors.  3 or 4 people were looking for bulging pockets (front and ass) and kicking people back.  Closest lockers are by Nitro.  And those were filling up/breaking.  End of the day my all day locker was no longer working but hourly rentals still were going at the location.  🤔

    And for good reason.  My friend caught someone's Jeep keys on during one lap.  We asked the train including Canobie in the front seat but he wasn't driving a Jeep. (and probably knows better)

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  11. Does Darien Lake have all their coasters open yet?  What's the scene been looking like with their Friday night hours?  Any Fast pass option available (website shows none to purchase in advance)

    I potentially have Rochester as my new point of departure against HWN on 6/4.  Having never been to DL, I'm considering stopping off for a few hours Friday vs. getting a better head start west.  I'm not getting to HWN by Friday either way.  Shooting for Saturday 2 pm start. 

    Darien Lake: Worth it at this juncture or table it...

  12. On 5/13/2021 at 7:12 PM, Zand said:

    I've been to PNC more times than Fenway in the last 10 years.

    PNC is awesome...  If I had a top 10 it would be something like this.:

    1. Yankee Stadium 2. PNC 3. Camden 4. Magnum XL 200 5. Comerica 6. Dodger 7. Progressive (cause I was Game 5 2017 ALDS) 8. Fenway (this should be higher but I’m a Yankees fan) 9. Great American 10. Coors

    Skyline is legit.  You have your priorities in order.

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