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  1. ^^I'd probably ride batman once, then again to form a definitive opinion, then ditching that ride for Superman and Joker.
  2. Despicable Me opens up with the lower lot now? Who knew. I usually used the upper lot time to knock out Simpsons and Despicable Me, so I'll probably hit the Studio Tour after early entry.
  3. So, I'm going to Universal Hollywood very soon. It will be my first time in a couple years, so I must ask if there have been any significant changes to which I would need to change my strategy for going through the rides. For note, last time I went, Walking Dead was almost open.
  4. Well, crud. I'm sorry guys, but this TR is going to be postponed until a later date due to issues. I was originally going to be at the parks right now, but some troubles got in the way. However, I will be sure to get some more trip reports out!
  5. Guess what? I'm going to be going to another park! I'll be going to SFMM and USH. The SFMM report will be available on here, but the USH report will be on Power to the Coasters blog. I hope you guys tune in!
  6. Can I call RCT3 a park? Because if so... I'm already there. Otherwise, SFMM.
  7. Just for some quick context, I'm probably traveling alone, and I'm pretty much open to most types of parks. I love themed parks like Disneyland (my childhood theme park) with dark rides and the like, as well as parks like Cedar Point (example, I've never been to but probably should) with many rollercoasters. Oh, yeah, I should probably tell you guys my park list: Disneyland Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Universal Hollywood SFMM (see a pattern?) SFDK CA Great America Disney World I also have a Six Flags season pass, so I'll most likely hit the SF parks first (despite how they aren't as go
  8. Well, I realized I don't actually go to theme parks very often. Of course, there might be some monetary reasons, but I've decided for my incredibly belated New Year's resolution to go to more parks. So please help me! My only requirement is that it's in America, because I can't afford that high of airplane fare.
  9. Hey guys, I just wanted to tell you that some of my newer TRs will be on my blog! If you like my trip reports, you'll love the Power to the Coasters blog!
  10. Six Flags Magic Mountain and Universal Hollywood. I wanted to go to Disney, but I then realized I didn't have the cash. That's student life for ya
  11. Yeah. I just wanted to start a discussion, but I failed. I should probably stick to just writing trip reports once I hit some of the parks again.
  12. A park you've never been to is #3 on your list? I'm trying really hard not to come out and say how insanely stupid that is, but I'll refrain from staying how insanely stupid that is because it may be insulting if I say how insanely stupid that is. So I'll be polite and won't say it. Sorry, I should've phrased it better. From what I've seen of said park through TRs and media reports, it looks great. Quick note as well - some of these parks I haven't been to in years, but I added them just to be thorough. If my list seems skewed, it's just because of time and memory loss which is wh
  13. Of course! We all knew that Scandia was the very best of the very best, boasting a whopping... 8? 9 maybe? rides, and exceptional theming! Not as if anyone else can beat that ( )
  14. Is this a serious question? I know. However, I'm guessing that there are a few different opinionses out there, so I just wanted to find out.
  15. My Ranking: 1. Disneyland - The theming and the ride quality really makes it great. Also, nostalgia blindness. 2. Six Flags Magic Mountain - The coasters here are great! I think it has some really good top-tiers and amazing second-tiers. 3. Knott's Berry Farm - To be honest, I haven't been here yet, but the connection of coasters and theming looks very fun. 4. Seaworld San Diego - It's Seaworld. It's kind of lacking in the rides department, but I like the animals. 5. Legoland California - The rides suck, the theming sucks, why isn't it at the bottom? The miniland. It was amazing seeing th
  16. Hey everyone, I honestly think that we should rank all of the Southern California theme parks! You guys should post your rankings of these parks: -Disneyland Resort -Universal Studios Hollywood -Six Flags Magic Mountain -Knott's Berry Farm -Legoland California -Seaworld San Diego If you have any extra parks you want to include in the ranking, go ahead! I hope to see your responses!
  17. Sorry for being overtly excited for this, but my last post got on the front page! Thank you so much for it and hopefully it will be the first of many!
  18. Hey, I know how it is with non-enthusiasts. All of my trips are with my family and they are the most GP of the most GP. Because of this, I'm generally stuck not getting all the credits for said park because "oh, let's ride this now" or "oh, let's go spend $50 on breakfast when Avatar's line is only 45 minutes". I feel you way too much.
  19. Yeah, it is really nice to see Six Flags actually rebranding it. However, one thing I noticed is that it looks like they'll be removing the games near V2, which makes sense because they were definitely hiding the entrance away.
  20. Six Flags Magic Mountain It’s time for me to actually tell you guys about Magic Mountain. Since I am a West Coaster, I don’t know too much about Cedar Point, so I can’t compare. However, I love our thrill park. Since I don’t want to go too long on comparisons, let’s get started. I really loved seeing this sun rise. It’s so peaceful. Hey... I see something! And of course, Six Flags needs to have Coke ads even when you look at the park! 365 days of thrills! Which means some poor kiddo has to work on Christmas! Speaking of Christmas... Holiday in the park! We have snow bears
  21. I've got some news, everyone. I recently got a monthly passholder news from Discovery Kingdom, and it turns out that there will be a redesign for the DC area of the park. Also, in other news, Batman will be getting a shop!
  22. Yeah, my home team is the 49ers, so we definitely won't see any Super Bowls soon. Otherwise, I'd highly reccommend May, outside of Memorial Day. A lot of the high schoolers that would be going on the rides are cramming for finals, so it can be a ghost town.
  23. Wait a second, an air-conditioned indoor show that's not an add-on to a billion-dollar land? We're talking about the same Disney, right? I love that they did this! I think that they should make one in California within Cars Land, from the videos I saw. (Maybe even place it in the Radiator Springs town hall next to the Racers entrance?) That would definitely help with some of the lack of indoor "rest stops" at DCA.
  24. Just go on Super Bowl Sunday. I think this goes for any park, but when I was there, Joker, Medusa, Harley Quinn, and most of the flats were open, with every ride being a walk on. To be honest, don't go. The place mostly sucks. The dolphin show is a questionable meh, and most of the animals aren't the best. The only reason I like the place is that it's near my house. If you are coming up here, I'd recommend Great America (the Cedar Fair one) and the Oakland/San Francisco zoos a lot more. If you like marine mammals, I'd highly reccommend pairing the Monterey Bay Aquarium with the Santa
  25. I think we've all had that reality check before. I mean, seriously, how can someone like something like Goliath? Then again, as I say that, I know a lot of my GP friends love it. You have no idea.
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