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  1. Thanks for the pictures, I was wondering yesterday how construction was coming along as this is likely to be a very difficult build. It will definitely be interesting following this one. This will be a perfect case study to use for whenever someone says a park 'doesn't have room for a new coaster' for generations to come.


    The thing is, this invert is being built AWAY from the main rides section (the clump of beautiful, tangled coaster mess along the boardwalk). The land has always been there but no one bothered to think Grona would use it for a new coaster.

  2. Well, now we know where that next big coaster is going

    I'm fully expecting another overpriced walkthrough or some other "groundbreaking experience" or something that won't have full actors 80% of the time and will be closed after like 3 years


    Aw, come on man! Have you heard about the Project 2020 document? I’m expecting a document to be filed around this time if it is a coaster. Those folks over at Thorpe haven’t had a new coaster in seven long years!

  3. Oh wow, I never rode this rapids ride. Walked by it several times. It was in such a prime location for a coaster to be honest— lots of land, near the front gate, you could always make it interact with Fury if need be. A log flume running under Fury would be amazing, and give the park a much-needed successor to Thornberrys after they tore down Whitewater Falls.

  4. So, I'm heading out to Denver in early May with my father to go a see a concert at Red Rocks. I guess while I'm in town I should check out Elitch Gardens and Lakeside? Other than that, with my littlest finally hitting her 42" height mark, I plan on making the most of it at parks that have stuff just her height, so probably lots of Hershey and Knoebels on the books for this year.


    YES, KNOEBELS!! Love that place to death . Should be tons for her to do there. I was shocked by how many rides Knoebels has outside of the coasters, it feels like the amount you’d find at a major park like Kings Island or Cedar Point. Knoebels especially has an entire Kiddieland and the rides in the majority of the park are fun for the entire family— only a few of the flats, Twister and Impulse are what I’d call too intense for some.

  5. Oh look it’s my boy Galaxyland! That one underrated park that nobody ever talks about, even with an incredible Schwarzkopf crammed inside it! I’ve been here multiple times— I have family in Edmonton and I have gone to this park since I was little. I rode Mindbender in July 2017, and it became my favorite coaster of all time for a few weeks besting Fury, Skyrush, Mako and Lightning Rod. You just have to lean forward on the restraints and get your neck above the “Accordions of Death”.

  6. Maybe now's the time for Cedar Fair to get a deal with B&M!! Anybody think Cedar Fair might go above their capital expenditure goal this next year to more quickly make up the loss at KD? I sure hope any plans for Valleyfair aren't setting set back again due to Volcano closing. I guess we will see!

    Yeah nope. Park plans are finalized several years in advance. ICON at Blackpool Pleasure Beach was under planning for 5 years or more iirc. Don’t expect anything to be coming to that site for, oh I dunno, 2022 at the earliest?

  7. I’ve ridden Pepsi’s sister coaster, Autosled at Galaxyland, and it would suck to lose what is essentially a park monorail in the form of a cred. But I do hope that whatever goes in its spot will be good (A Chance family coaster like Slime Streak going to Nickelodeon Universe N.J. would be a well-fitting replacement and update, or maybe the station to a multilaunch coaster that winds around Nickelodeon Universe? Let’s hope it’s not another playground...).

  8. To further solidify the rumors of Slidewinder's demise, it has now been listed on Wikipedia as being defunct (if you believe Wiki).

    Also, the link to the ride's separate description web page has been deleted. It now redirects to the general ride and attractions page


    I also suspect the SkyZip will not be returning for the 2019 season as well, which is not as a big of a loss for me personally. I took the opportunity to ride it once, in it's opening season way back when (and now zip lines are all over the area, so it's wasn't that unique of an attraction anymore).


    However, the Mountain Slidewinder, imo was the park's best water ride—definitely the wettest! Such a classic staple for the park to quietly remove, with no last-rides opportunity for us longtime fans.


    How does the park decide what to announce which rides they are removing, such as River Battle? While others, such as the Wonder Wheel, and now Slidewinder & SkyZip just fade away.



    Yeah I thought Slidewinder was gone. My guess is that given its prime hillside location, perhaps a new MACK launch coaster ala Time Traveler is in store?

    I do have to wonder if Slidewinder is actually in the process of being dismantled or if it will just sit dormant until the park finds a reason to re purpose the land?


    EDIT: Fixed it myself. I just realized my screwup, thanks!

  9. I went to Knoebels in August 2017 (Favorite park of all time, by the way— I came in expecting a permanent fairground setup with some decent coasters and came out shocked) for around five hours, and I didn’t even visit Kiddieland with its extensive collection of rides or the Black Diamond area with the Mining Museum. Also, I am ashamed that I missed out on 3 sets of antique cars, as just two days post-Knoebels I started a love of antique cars after riding Blue Ridge Tollway at Kings Dominion. It’d be easy to spend an entire day at the park to be honest, and maybe check out the waterpark too, I know I would never be bored for a second.


    So, can we stop calling this "RMC Gwazi"? At this rate there won't be much of Gwazi left over when the new coaster finally opens.


    I know this isn’t what you meant, but remembering the three names that were trademarked for Tigris (Tigris, Uproar, Twisted Tiger), I’d make a safe bet on RMC Gwazi’s actual name being Uproar. Twisted Tiger is the more logical choice (hence Twisted Cyclone, Twisted Timbers, Twisted Colossus), but that sounds a bit too similar to Tigris. If the 212’ lift hill with the 91° drop rumors from First Drop are true, Uproar would make lots of sense given that the coaster would be the tallest in Florida.

  11. So in 2016, I took two of my friends to Carowinds. We had a great time, one of them even worked up the courage to ride Fury with me as his first roller coaster ever— and later the other rode Afterburn with me. After the visit I asked them why they hadn’t ridden Intimidator. Their response, “It’s taller than the Fury!” And I nearly laughed, as I explained to them that Intimidator was nearly 100 feet shorter than Fury.


    Oh yeah, and on a later visit I walked along the path that runs under Nighthawk. A GP proclaimed as he exited Nighthawk, “That’s the best roller coaster I’ve ever ridden!” I began laughing, but my group shut me up.

  12. To be honest, as a Carolinian born & raised in Florida, I’d be thrilled to see the region get another park. Some mid-sized park, ala Knoebels (my favorite amusement park of all time <3) or even a smaller one like Fun Spot would be great. I’d love to see a Gravity Group kids wooden coaster come to this new park (even though in the Carolinas we have Swamp Fox, Phoenix’s often-forgotten Southern cousin), as well as some ride models that Carowinds doesn’t have. A Chance Hyper GTX, perhaps?

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