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  1. I’m visiting Busch Gardens Tampa on March 23, opening weekend, for Coasting for Kids. How much crowds should I expect? What are some great things to do there besides the coaster creds (I’m shooting to ride the train and skyride because I love those things ). But I know as soon as I say this everyone will hate me, but I’m not going for Team TPR... I’m going for someone else

  2. I get that it’s a much cheaper alternative to bring in more kids with their families, but I would have loved to see that GCI come to fruition. It’d satisfy my layering fetish, for one.


    ALSO— worth noting that Runaway Tram is listed as an $4 million investment. White Lightning at Fun Spot Orlando only cost $3.5 million in 2013, which adjusted for inflation is somewhere in the neighborhood of $4 million too. A Gravity Group family wooden coaster would work wonders for this park— plus, they can give it a steel structure like Kentucky Flyer or Twister’s to reduce upkeep costs.

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