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  1. Does anyone know if mobile flash pass is still available? Planning on going Friday after Thanksgiving. I would like to be able to skip the line to buy a flash pass and wear a watch, and instead just use my phone as a flash pass watch instead.
  2. I will miss Tidal Wave for the quick 5 second shower. I've been on Roaring Rapids back to back and didn't get wet at all. And Goliath's sprinkler system is a joke and gets flown away by the wind before it hits your body. Heat exhaustion is real problem for me when i visit the park in the summers. With the lack of shade and sprinkler fans around the park, I will miss Tidal Wave. BTW does anyone know if you can just use your phone as a flash pass now and not have to get a watch anymore? It will be awesome not have to stand in line to buy a flash pass anymore. Waited 40 minutes in line last time just to buy a watch last month.
  3. My mask slid down my nose on every single ride. However on Riddler's Revenge, my mask almost flew right off. It was hanging on by one ear. I had to hold my mask in my hand the rest of the ride otherwise it would have flown away.
  4. Finally went yesterday, on Saturday. I had no choice but to get a flash pass if I wanted to get on all the rides, which that alone was a 50 minute wait. The park was really crowded. Lines were long everywhere. Rides were constantly breaking down. If you came in after 12pm, and you were in the regular line, you must of have been absolutely miserable. Not only were lines moving slow, but they would alternate between the flash pass line and the regular line. I can't believe i'm going to say this, but summer time with no capacity limit, had faster lines than covid at 15% capacity. If you plan to go on a Saturday, except summer experience. About 1-2hr wait for Fully Throttle, West Coast racers, Goliath, and Twisted Colossus. Tatsu probably 30min-1hr. The flash pass line for Twisted Colossus and Full Throttle was about 20-30min.
  5. I know they aren't checking state verification. But are they taking reservation times serious? I still can't tell if it was crowded enough or not to tell if a flashpass would be worth it. Too many mix comments, i see people saying wait time was an hour, to people saying lines were less than 20 minutes.
  6. Do you think Hurricane Harbor will open this year? Doing SFMM during California's summer is brutal. I get heat headaches and puke. I find that doing HH during the day and then walking over to MM around 6pm works perfect for me.
  7. My one year membership anniversary was last month April 14. Yet I was charged this morning $9.95. Since my membership "ended" last month, does anyone know why I was still charged? I have no plans to cancel my membership because I want the free upgrade. The upgrade won't added on until MM opens. So i understand that part why i'm still at gold status, just confused about still being charged. There is an option to "pause" your membership. Anyone know if that will affect your free upgrade?
  8. https://www.tmz.com/2020/04/10/six-flags-sued-monthly-charges-during-covid-19-pandemic/ Suing six flags? My personal opinion on this is that you are not a true rollercoaster enthusiast and greedy. You can cancel anytime you want. But if you cancel, i do not believe you deserve any of the benefits. I love that I am getting free extra months on top of this and free upgrade to Platinum for only $9.95 a month. I will gladly continue paying my monthly fees. What are people complaining about? Am I missing something. So I guess if you are mad that Sixflags (who does not have Disney money) is still charging you, well have fun riding no rollercoasters in the future because Sixflags will be going bankrupt.
  9. They always tell you it’s 1x only, but every time I use a flashpass they seem to be buggy. When they scan your watch, the reserve doesn’t go away. So technically you can go again over and over. I have to manually cancel the reserve after they scan me, if I want to reserve for a different ride after I get off the current one.
  10. Now someone is saying that they stopped construction work because of financial issues with going 365 days.
  11. I have a Gold Season Pass. The flash pass discount is *drum roll* $5 off (in person). I’ve always gone alone, so I don’t know how group works, also I don’t really understand your last question.
  12. You have no idea how much I agree with you. Not even just the summer, but even in April is was uncomfortable hot. They have mists in the Goliath line but they never turn them on, pisses me off. I don’t know if it’s because the park sits in between mountains, so all the heat gets trapped there or what, but I find that 75 degrees and up, SFMM should definitely have mist fans running. I’m one of those people that get nauseated from heat and starts puking.
  13. Since Sony and Disney failed to reach a deal. What is going to happen to the Spider-man ride at Disneyland, they are going to have to re-theme it right?
  14. Pendulum rides have been having some bad luck this year. Already 3 accidents, a recent one in India a couple days ago of it snapping in half. Yeah, Six Flags does buys from Zamperla. I heard they were having problems with the motor box meaning the ride can’t go as high as it should, not sure which park. But Six Flags and American parks are incredibly safe, so I’m not going to fret too much about it. Crazanity is definitely one of my favorite rides at the park. I find it much more enjoyable than Goliath.
  15. Anyone know anything about the rattling on Crazanity? I believe this is my 4th time riding that ride and it never use to do that. This week was the first time ever that I felt the seats rattle or shake.I went with family members who went on it for the very first time and they were quite spooked about it and wanted to complain to staff. I felt pretty safe but it is something interesting that I noticed about the ride, which I never felt before. It could have just been air resistance, but it felt different. My seat never shook the first 3 times I rode it.
  16. It’s more to do with California’s heat. MM is always a heat wave during the summer. I prefer to just go stand on the bridge at Tidal Wave and get soaked there now. I rode Roaring Rapids twice and didn’t get wet on either attempts. Waisted my flash pass time on that ride. Imagine the people in the regular line standing 2 hours for that ride and having a 50-70% of barely not getting wet. I wish they would redesign that ride or add a waterfall.
  17. I went June 19, Wednesday, when isitpacked also showed "hey it's all right". I did Hurricane Harbor from 11am-5:30pm then MM 6pm - 9pm with a platinum flashpass because I only had 3 hours till the park closes and I wanted to make sure I got on all my favorite rides. Hurricane Harbor was quite packed for a Wednesday. Lost temples Rapids was an hour wait, Tornado 30-40min, Taboo Tower 10-15min, Black Snake Summit 20min. I couldn't handle it, so I went and got a $35 gold flashpass. At MM, Crazanity and Twisted Colossus were about an hour wait. You can check out queue times here https://queue-times.com/parks/32/queue_times Right now (Sunday) you can see that Crazanity, FT, Goliath, and Roaring Rapids are all 2 hours right now.
  18. Early September the park is empty. You wouldn't need a flash pass. Be aware that Fright Fest begins September 14, which means every Saturday, the park will be packed till November. That was miserable. I went the last Saturday of September thinking people wouldn't be going to Fright Fest till October, big mistake. I had a gold flash pass and still had to wait a whole hour for some of the rides. Week days are empty.
  19. When I went, they only had one train running for Ninja, Scream, Superman, and Tidal Wave. I also heard someone say Riddlers Revenge was only using one train too but I cant confirm that one. They have been running one train on Scream for a couple weeks now. However for a good reason, someone spotted new trains in the dirt near the ride. Now add flashplass to that line. When I went on Tidal wave, they let like 10 flash passers on, I had the whole row to myself and like 2 other rows behind me were empty. I Thought that maybe they would open the gate for the regular line to fill in the rows, but they didnt. They started the ride with only flash passers on it when there was tons of space left. It is quite ridiculous.
  20. The walk of shame, I mean guilt. When the station's flashpass entrance is through the exit instead of being intertwined with the regular people once you get to the front. Ninja and GoldRusher are the two I can think of that make you do that. I think Goliath used to have it that way a couple years ago, until they changed it and made flashpassers go down the stairs around the back and up the stairs to meet with the regular line. To make it worse, Ninja is only running one train, with a 100 minute wait time. And then here I come, through the exit gate keeping my eyes at the floor as I pick my seat, so I don't have to look at those poorly faces who have been waiting for an hour in the heat, who were so excited because they finally made it to the front and this train was suppose to be theirs, but then all of a sudden the flash pass herd comes and now you, who is in the regular line, have to wait another 3 minutes for the next train. And then as a flash passer, you sit there for about a minute in front of everyone while the attendants check each restraint trying not to make eye contact with the people in line. But boy do I freakin love flash passes. I am sorry for not being sorry. I do wish MM could have better line queuing. I like how they do the lines for Full Throttle.
  21. Does anyone know if you can go to both parks, MM and HH on the SAME day with a membership pass? I have a gold membership and I was thinking about hitting HH during the hot day, since it closes at 6pm, then walking straight to the MM gate since it doesn't close till 9pm. I can't find any information online.
  22. Yes, I've noticed that too. It's a bonus for the 1 ride only choices. It also saves time for any other rerides you want to do. I find it more of a positive than negative. I do hate the watches. I wish they could bring back the q-bots! Well of course it is a positive for us customers I'm just wondering if Magic Mountain is aware of it. Shhh no one tell them.
  23. Has anyone obtained the new flash pass watches and noticed a glitch on them? When I went two weeks ago, I noticed that after the employee would scan my watch (by using the app on their iphone), that it wouldn't cancel my reserve. I found myself at multiple stations, having to manually cancel my reserve (it would still say ready on my device) on my watch before picking another ride. This even goes for the rides that are one-time only too. Like for example Full Throttle, after they scanned my watch and let me on through, since the scanner didn't automatically cancel the reserve for Full Throttle, my watch still said "ready" for Full Throttle, so technically I could go in line again after I get off. Though I never actually attempted to do it and get back in line, because I was too scared to even try it lol.
  24. When I went 5 months ago, I got the Gold Flash Pass. Twisted Colossus, New Revolution, Full Throttle, X2, and Crazanity were all available on Gold, except for Ninja and Superman. They sadly got rid of the $15 extra ride a long time ago
  25. is it like the Schlitterbahn watches? There are two watch type devices: Qband and Prism. Schlitterbahn uses Qband. https://accesso.com/solutions/loqueue/prism
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