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  1. I love this park a lot, but to see this place going downhill really upsets me. I know we have been extremely lucky to get rides like Goliath and Maxx Force the last couple of years, but this place is kind of losing the charm it originally had.


    This situation is a GIANT (Drop) problem with our park. I would gladly take a (X) FLIGHT to some other park to avoid myself RAGING (Bull). We need JUSTICE (League) for this park and return its old charm.



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  2. ^Ok, yes it will be a capacity nightmare but have it this way. Say the train has 16 seats per train, and they dispatch the train within 1 min. Doing the math here per hour






    Now they would be able to dispatch 960 riders per hour, which is still a decent riders per hour (RPH) rate. Of course this is Six Flags and it can be less RPH rate and then this coaster can experience severe downtime but at this point we never know.


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