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  1. Hi I am just writing this because I was really angry and I thought I would share it. Last summer I visted The American Adventure Theme Park in UK with a few friends we all paid 15 pounds each to get it. We were therefore very dissapointed when most of the bigger rides were shut and the log flume was being dismantled. Even my favourite pay ride the go-karts were closed so we all decided to leave after a few hours. Anyway after seeing other people complain about this recently I decided to send a email and tell them what happend. The first email I got back mentioned absolutely nothing about my problem it was more advertising their park no word of refund or appology. Dear Miss XXXX, Thank you for you recent comment regarding your visit to The American Adventure Theme Park in June 2005. The Park was then and still is undergoing a major refurbishment to refocus the Park towards families with children aged 4 - 12. These plans have meant that some of our larger rides, which are not suitable for the age group mentioned have been removed including the Nightmare Niagara Log Flume and the Missile Rollercoaster. However we did introduce new rides to the Park and still continue to do so, with the return of the Rocky Mountain Rapids and the Yankee Clipper, alongside the inclusion of more new family attractions including , Mini Mine Rush, a family gravity coaster, The New York Dodgers, Dodgem Attraction, & Harley's Angels, Harley Davidson Style ride on karts. We feel The American Adventure has a lot to offer the new target audience and we will continue to develop the Park for these guests. The Prices were reduced at the start of last season to reflect these change and have once again fallen further for the 2006 season. Should you have any further questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact me. Regards, Richard Flowerdew Customer Services Manager I decided to send them another email and got this very rude email back basically accusing me of being a liar! Dear Miss XXXX, Thank you for your recent email. During the season last year, members of staff where situated at the main gates and were informing people of the changes, alongside this all the pay booths had signs clearly visible on both the end of the booth and also the windows and also we had two cut outs of the Parks Mascots Rocky and Hugsy with the identical signs stuck to them on the left hand side of the entrance complex There is also a large board on the left hand side of the pay booths, which has all the rides the park has listed and is updated with open and close signs for each individual attraction. I feel that it is highly unlikely that you or any member of your party managed to miss all of these information measures. Regards, Richard Flowerdew Customer Services Manager
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