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  1. Dark City 8/10


    This was a pretty good movie, it had some unique moments in it.


    I'm thinking of seeing "The Wild" but I don't think I will. Seeing the stories of it's downfall before comming out was not good signs and now seeing reviews of it make me want to say "I knew it" and "ouch"

  2. First off, I LOVE your avatar MJHammer1. I have that t shirt.


    Now onto B&M. I would have to see more reviews for Patriot before saying it's better then the newer ones. Black Mamba does look very good.

    For SheiKra, I agree with CoasterFanatic. Take a ride on Hulk or Dragons after that and you will be surprised. Hulk has a great beginning while Fire Dragon has a intense 1-2-3 punch no new B&M invert can top. (Immelmann,airtime hill and being whipped into the 2nd Immelmann)

  3. ^Angry Gumball, I would love to see that vid!


    Let's see, one time on Dinosaur me and my friends made what we called the "Angry Beavers scream" If you remember Angry Beavers from Nick you might recall that the beavers sometimes made this "Nneeeeeeee" sound. Well me and my friends pulled that sound off during the ride! "Look! The Carnosaurus! NNNEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!"

  4. ^ I find the Boiler face just too cartoony.


    The reason why the 5th dimension in DCA does not impress me is it's rather weak on letting you know you have stepped in the Twilight Zone. Having the car move forward and seeing a bunch of images from the Twilight Zone and the ghosts of the hotel has a much bigger impact.


    I also like having the mirror for MGM's corridor scene, it makes the room more three dimentional.

  5. I saw Stay Awake...err Alive as well yesterday. Eh, it's gets a A for effort on the concept. But everything else just fell apart too fast. Being a PG-13 horror really hurts it. They cut off before someone gets killed which really sucks.


    I really can't wait till Silent Hill comes out, it looks really good for a video game movie.

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