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  1. For whatever reason, Disney has always been VERY laxed on loose items. I mean, I can't bring ANYTHING with me on a very tame ride like Gold Rusher, but Disney will tell you to bring entire backbacks, duffle bags, purses, cameras, and suitcases (yes, I've seen this) on a launched looping coaster!


    I'm also VERY surprised how lax Disney is about loose items. You're right Robb, being a former CM and regular park guest now I've seen people take crazy amounts of items that could really do some damage if they flew out of an attraction!



    But you've made your point. You're right. I'm wrong. Pat yourself on the back.


    I didn't mean to seem like I was arguing about that minor thing. I was also curious about the exact policy so I found a pic of the attraction sign. Sorry if it came off as I was trying to prove a point, that's not how I am at all and get annoyed with others who do that too, lol


    Thanks for reposting the video so quickly!


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