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  1. 32 minutes ago, Satans Hockey said:

    This story just shows the worst aspect of social media. I can't even imagine being those parents and family/friends and knowing that so many people watched a video of your loved one dying.

    I agree with the sad aspect of it, however I'm also thankful for clear video proof of more and more accidents these days (as eye witness accounts can be dramatically different depending on person.) Similar to black boxes on major airlines.

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  2. 15 hours ago, rachelmadcow said:

    The guy riding FF appears to have the restraint just as high as the victim on Icon Park's tower.

    Along with seat belt backup, that tower also 'tilts back' prior to (or just entering) brake run so high G's are pushing body straight down into seat. It really surprised me Icon has their tower hit brakes still tilted forward, which puts extreme amount of force on the exact portion of OTSR's which allowed guest to slide out. Prior to accident I assumed it also tilted back during drop, but nope.

    *of course we'll only know reasoning after full investigation. Video and picture clearly shows how high OTSR's were prior to ride, and moment he slid out was when braking started. 

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  3. Oddly enough, the Bionic Bar did not seem to resonate well with people. There were a couple of times it was sort of crowded, but mostly people just standing around watching the robots. Most of the time there wasn't anyone there and you could walk right up and make a drink. It was kind of a shame because it seemed like such a cool idea in a fun area, but no one seemed to be doing it.


    I can understand that. It looks cool to watch, but I'd rather pay (and tip) a human making my drink. I'd go find a real person over a robot, even if it required waiting longer.


    Just a personal preference, maybe from having worked in the service industry.

  4. I like this particular comment......


    “Literally stuck on a monorail at Disney, lighting struck and we immediately stopped. I’m convinced that I’m going to die,” said Twitter user @nnaaatttalliiie at 6:07 p.m"


    I'm glad she survived such a horrible tragedy. At least she had enough time to pull out her cell phone, open Twitter app, and post that status before death took over.


  5. Does anyone know more as to what Cal/OSHA's problem with the ride actually was? I know people have posted something about a ladder not being in code...


    And shouldn't Mondial take some responsibility for this whole fiasco? Correct me if I'm wrong, but when they manufacture a ride, shouldn't said ride be in code for the place to where it's being delivered / assembled? I can't help but wonder if this will amount to some sort of lawsuit against the company.


    I wonder the same things... Seems odd they are okay to run in all other states, except CA.


    Sad to see it go, I enjoyed the ride.

  6. Not sure what you're getting at here, but I do believe the same would happen the first time you attempt real surfing.

    I agree!


    ...at least you'd be going into water rather than onto a surface. Trampoline or not, it's still worse than going into water.

    Uhh... I guess you've never been in the ocean (or dive into water and land wrong)? There's a sea floor that is much more painful then any theme park flowrider. Waves crash and body slam you into water when actually surfing.




    Yes, I know I missed the humor in your first post. Had to defend flow riders though, they are not painful and very fun!

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