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  1. That is good to hear. I will try to be extra nice to get both! Last year when i was at FF Fast Pass was sold out to everyone but Xtreme Pass Holders which i thought was very cool.
  2. Last year i was lucky enought to get into all the mazes except the haunted mansion atop samuri summit. Is it really worth waiting the very long lines?
  3. I know someone said that they are adding another fright zone under revolutions lift and i was wondering if anyone knew how many ghouls they would have. I know the main area is gotham city with about 10 ghouls and only about 3 near flashback. Hopefully they can take advantage of the darkness and setting and really make this a scary spot.
  4. $15 for four rides Rides that have fastlane : Goliath Riddler Scream Viper Collosus Tatsu? Log Jammer Jet Stream Roaring Rapids
  5. Man i wish I could go but my parents would never sleep out there... Well theres always the new coaster in 2009!
  6. Supermans line can get a little long but nothing to worry about. It usually anywhere from 30 minutes to and hour on weekends. The other side has opened but don't expect it to be opened because the last time i went on superman the other sides train was actually out of the station. And last but not least, Flashback will Not be operational! Looks like your gunna have a great trip!
  7. I am not sure which event you are talking about because Sfmm does not have any special event Scheduled for the 21st of May. So i really have no idea what you are talking about with the event and the ert. So expect it to be slightly crowded but less crowded than on saturday. Only Deja Vu has a single rider line and i sujest that you use it because the line can get up to 2 hours on a non crowded day. Only viper,Scream,Revolution,RR,Goliath, Collosus and other water rides will have Fastpass. I am not sure about Tatsu because its not even open. Hope this helps!
  8. At magic mountain one day on DeJa Vu when we went up the second spike the train released and then stopped again.It released again and didnt have enough speed to get through so it vallied we were stuck their for a good 45 minutes until they started letting people out and down the stairs.This was awful because it was extremely windy. All in all i thought it was pretty cool experience and we got to cut the line on x!
  9. How about when your in line for S:TE and two guys in front of you preceed to tell you how the ride has been closed alot because it's been getting stuck at the top.
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