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  1. ive never seen that many bad inccidents but the worst i have seen was i in liseberg. this is only for the rideops none of the other staff at the parks was like this. but they were rude and ineffective and didnt seem to bother about using the capacity only exception was balder(kanonen closed) but they didnt hit intervall there either and they didnt do any effort to do so either.
  2. Tusenfryd is mye homepark here in its a tie between Speed monster and thundercoaster i could never decide they are so uniqe in theyr own way! as for the best flat i would say the roll-over, the fact that people have actually slipped out of that thing makes it really freaky! jonas ali
  3. it fun to hear all you americans complain about having to walk some hills in the parks, try Tusenfryd(norway) the whole park is built in a hillside and this park has no transport system except from some escalators that take you from the entrance to the park. ask anyone whos been there how the walk from supersplash to the spaceshot is;)
  4. i would say a mack watercoaster cos there you are seated four across and all of you share one long lap bar and to be able to secure all the biggest person(usually me) is getting crushed by the bar.
  5. when i was there the whole quelinr smelled like catpee. lucily it was just a 5 min wait
  6. i havent read the whole list but i find a bit wierd that speedmonster isnt on the best newcomer list? what is you guys opinion about that?
  7. jeah its most likely the innsurance terms or the risk of getting sued by the guest and iver heard that the breaks on revolution thorws you around a bit and then its better with OTSR
  8. jeah but dont you loose most of the poitn with a inverter? they are supposed to be tiwsted and inversed. so not beeing able to roll would loose most of the poin i think
  9. i think that would be the best alternative to OTSR but still i think OTSR is more accomodating and lapbars very much limits the layout of the track. because of laws given by states for rides. and b&m OTSR is the easyest for the guests to understand so dispatches can go faster.
  10. i think that would increase the loading timer extremely beacuse riders would have climb over the restraint. and with a skyhawk like restraint would increase the risk of slipping out of the seat as those are not folding around you like hypers
  11. im not sure wether it would be safe. and half of the point about inverters is that they are twisted because and making an airmachine inverted wouldnt be such a good idea cos only the front seat has a good view forward and that would wreck parts of the xperience. but also ostr is a lot more accomodating for larger people(mostly american problem) and of course its an extra safety measure.
  12. where would you connect the lap bar to the car on a inverted or a SLC coaster? without blocking the wiev or making it uncomfortable? and making it abseolutely safE?
  13. please send it to me my email is j_alien89@hotmail.com
  14. thanks;) im gonna improve it tough but in all normal parks they do that they run 3 trains on peak days and 1 the rainy ones for example. My homepark tusenfryd closes rides only for technincal reasons but it seems like SF parks closes rides temporarily for comercical reasons, no wonder people dont like their parks. But i think it really shows lack of customer care and after all their the ones who could be paying their debt. So just by seeing who decides that for example we can understand wether this anti-guest attitude is just with the people working in the front line or or higher up in the ranks
  15. I was just wondering who decides for example how many trains to put on a certain roller coaster on a certain day is it the ride supervisor or operations manager? Thinking especially on SFMM and parks which everybody complains about their slowness. Jonas "many difficult words for a Scandinavian" ali
  16. I didnt go on any coasters wen i was in vegas but when it comes to hotels i definetly have to recomend the wynn! That hotels has everything and it is the best hotel ive ever been on! Jonas "Norwegian in love with wynn hotel" Ali
  17. dude there is already a thread about this. if you tried this link you might have found it !TRY ME!
  18. here is translation:) ÅS (Dagbladet.no): Alt var ikke bare fryd i fornøyelsesparken i Akershus i går kveld. Det skulle være kvelden da over 40 berg-og-dal-bane-entusiaster skulle felle sin dom over parken generelt og årets nyhet, SpeedMonster, spesielt. Parken fikk de studert nøye, men da de skulle få noen eksklusive runder etter stengetid i SpeedMonster slo den nye Tusenfryd-stoltheten seg vrang. Litt over klokken 20 måtte teknisk sjef i parken, Bjørn Solli, fortelle langveisfarerne at det ikke ble noe monster-moro: - Dette er utrolig beklagelig og har bare skjedd én gang tidligere. Gasstrykket er ikke slik det skal være og med de strenge sikkertsmarginene vi har her, så kan vi ikke kjøre. Trolig får vi den i gang igjen om et par timer. Men det hadde ikke entusiastene fra USA, Australia, Storbritannia, Japan og Canada tid til å vente på. Allerede i går kveld gikk turneen videre til Gøteborg. Besto testen Men hell i monster-uhell: Samtlige av de berg-og-dal-bane-frelste hadde allerede testet SpeedMonster tidligere på dagen - som vanlig publikummere. Og dommen kunne knapt vært bedre: - Denne banen er helt unik, sier Robb Alvey til Dagbladet.no. Han burde vite hva han snakker om. Han har kjørt over 900 berg-og-dal-baner og er i dag ildsjel for foreningen Theme Park Review. Kona Elissa Alvey har «bare» 750 baner på samvittigheten. - Det er rett og slett en fantastisk bane. Her er det ikke kun fokus på fart og høyde. I denne banen får du mye mer - opp/ned, skruer og looper, slår Elissa fast - og sammenligner med gigantene i USA. - I USA skal alt være større, raskere og høyere, men det er ikke alltid det beste. Ærlige tilbakemeldinger Denne sommeren har ekteparet arrangert fornøyelsespark-turneen i Storbritannia. I utgangspunktet skulle det bli med de 13 britiske parkene, men da de hørte om SpeedMonster bestemte de seg for å legge en snartur innom Norden også. I går Tusenfryd, i dag Liseberg og til slutt tre parker i Finland. - SpeedMonster var definitivt et av høydepunktene på turen, sier Robb og avviser at han trekker fram superlativene i alle parkene han er i. - Nei, vi gir alltid en ærlig tilbakemelding, hvis ikke blir parkene aldri bedre. Elissa mener Tusenfryd har mye å være stolte av og rangerer parken som en av de aller beste - og vakreste - hun har vært i. Hun trekker fram den «unike» SpeedMonster, trebanen ThunderCoaster med «interessant design» og de naturlige omgivelsene i og rundt parken. De fikk rikelig anledning til å studere naturen da de måtte vente på SpeedMonster i går kveld. Men da det var klart at det ikke ble noen eksklusive runder, tok de det også sporty: - Vi kommer tilbake! Dagbladet.no var i morges i kontakt med Tusenfryd. Bjørn Solli forteller at alt er i orden med SpeedMonster og at dagens gjester kan se fram til en spektakulær fartsopplevelse. The monster failed everything wasnt just joy in the theme park tusenfryd last night. It was supposed to be the vening when 40 coaster enthusiasts was given theyr chance to give theyr opinion on the new attraction speed monster. the park was thouroughly studyed but when they was supposed have a few exclusive rounds on SM the parks pride refused to work. a little bit over 8o clock head of operations Bjørn solli had to tell the travelers that there wasnt gonna be any speed adventures today. -We are very sorry and this has happend only one time before. the gas pressure isnt at its original values and with the strict safety policy we operate with we are unable to dispatch. we will probably get it up and running in a couple of hours. but the enthusiasth from USA, Australia, Japan and canada didnt have time to wait already yesterday their tour went further to gothenburg. Passed the test luckily the coaster heads had already riden the monster earlier in the day and the conclusion couldnt been better. -This coaster is unike! says robb alvey to dagbladet.no and he should know what he is talkin about hes been on over 900 coasters and is the head of the organisation theme park review his wife elissa alvey has "just" been on 750 coasters. -its just an amazing coaster. here there isnt any focus on speed and heights on this coaster you get much more you get inversions screw and loops is elissa concluding - and shes comparing to the coasters in usa- -in usa everything has to be bigger and faster but not nesecarrliy better. honest opinions this summer the couple has arranged theme park tours in UK it was supposed to be with 13 UK parks but after they heard of SM they decided to take a short trip to scandinavia and 3 finish parks to. Speed monster is defnite one of the highlights of the tour and says that he doesent use the superlatives in all parks he is at. -no we are always honest if not the parks wont improve elissa thinks tusenfryd has alot to be proud of and ranges the park as one of the most beautiful she has been at. she points out the unice speed monster the woodi thunder coaster with a "interresting design" and the beutiful natural surroundings. they sure had enough time to study the surroundings when they waited for SM to function last night but when they got the bad news they took i sporty: -were coming back!! dagbladet.no has been in contact with tusenfryd and head of operations tells that speed monster is back in operation and todays guest can enjoy it. from www.dagbladet.no
  19. check out this link: www.dagbladet.no/dinside/2006/06/20/469417.html
  20. second drop on thundercoaster @ tusenfryd that hill is INSANE !!
  21. most people speak english. when you plan to get around here is some sites that might be helpful: train gothenburg-oslo (no train service between stockholm-oslo) www.nsb.no Air (oslo-stockholm) try first www.flynordic.com this is the cheapest you can also try www.norwegian.no if you have no luck on those you can try www.sas.no but be aware this can get quite expensive and but might be lucky with a flight:) enjoy your stay!
  22. mine have to be the Mondial Roll Over especially if you have som psycho ride op cos this operating is all manual baby:D Pic: http://lifthill.coasterpics.net/pics/tusenfryd/tusenfryd070.jpg
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