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  1. There has been a bit of mist, but only a couple moments of actual rain. I guess the combination of weather and school being back in session has made for a very light day at the park. SV’s line has been short all afternoon, got a solo ride on Valravn at 9:30 during early entry, MF barely past the magic gate, etc.
  2. Thank you very much for the advice, Moley and BlahBlahson! This is all very helpful and I am very excited for this new adventure. One more month.
  3. Hey everyone. I'm heading from Utah out to the UK for a work trip and have a spare day on Saturday, September 16th. I have never been to a UK park before (although I had the privilege of visiting Phantasialand last year), so I'm not entirely sure what to expect. I'd be appreciative of any advice or heads up you could provide. I'll be making the trip from London to Alton Towers by myself. I decided to extend my trip for a day specifically to visit this park, and my co-workers are all heading back to the states a day before me. I'm thinking the best option for me (since this is quite possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity for me) is to buy the day pass that gives me early entry and a Fastrack for Nemesis (£36). Given what crowds are *typically* like on a September Saturday, should I spring for one of the bigger Fastrack packages? Or just wait and see until I get there? I've been to the major US parks, so Oblivion and Galatica aren't as high on my list (as I'm guessing that Valravn and Tatsu provide at least similar experiences - and I'm not a big fan of the VR rides) as Nemesis and Rita are (nothing quite like those in the US, I don't think). How would you tour the park to be able to do the rides and see the attractions that shouldn't be missed? I'm not a big fan of stage shows, but the grounds at Alton Towers look beautiful from the pictures, and I'm guessing I'll want to check that out a bit. I am also planning on driving a car from London up to Staffordshire, rather than using transit. The reason for this is that I don't think any trains/busses/taxis can get me to Alton by early entry, and quite frankly, the bus system in the countryside make me a little more nervous because I'm unfamiliar with it. I can get around London just fine (I've been out there 4 times in the last year), and have driven along the southern coast through Wales and such. Is there any specific advice when driving a car? Would you recommend a different way to travel the 150 miles that might be better for a foreigner? Any and all help is GREATLY appreciated!
  4. I was in the middle of signing up for Club TPR (Holiwood Nights, here we come...) and was interrupted. The session timed out, and now my login appears to be in no man's land. Can you reset my Club TPR signup somehow so I can give you some money?
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