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  1. If you all were gamblers, would you bet on six flags being open / rides running on Sunday based on hurricane dorians path? We’re flying into Atlanta on Friday afternoon and planned carowinds for Saturday and sfog for Sunday, fly out Monday, but we can detour to Dollywood Sunday instead, decisions decisions... stupid Mother Nature


    The last time one had a path heading for Atlanta the park shut down, and I think they announced the closure on that Friday, so watch SFOG social media.

  2. Talked to a friend. Its something RMC, but im not sure if its Freefly or Raptor, but Poison Ivy is the theme.
    A 3rd Golden Lasso/Railblazer clone?

    That'd be cool, but capacity would suck.



    Free Fly? That's not really RMC. And only 1 built in 10 yrs? Doubtful.



    Eck meant Freespin, stupid Green Lateran is on my mind


    Freespin is still S&S, not RMC.



    RMC makes Freespin track

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