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  1. Anytime I hear something like her story, I’m always skeptical. I always think , “but what were you doing to cause that?” , idk maybe it’s just me but I find it hard to believe that she just “lost her grip” and then flew out of the boat far enough to “hit the side of the ride” without falling out of the boat altogether, because the only thing she could’ve hit would’ve been slide. Idk. I find it sketchy.
  2. Major suckage if true. And the ADA being used as a weapon like that (or even being implied) makes me mad. No one gets to enjoy something if it can't be made compliant. Let's just year down/destroy anything that requires 2 working arms and 2 working legs. Fortunately I was able to ride the ride a couple times this summer. Something just told me while I was there “you need to ride it this season while you’re here” and sure enough good thing I did. :/ when I rode this summer I had forgotten had wild and aggressive that thing could be. Took me by surprise! Lol
  3. I know we’ve discussed this before however after being at the park Sunday, not only has the slidewinder signage been removed at the rides entrance in Owens farm, the directional signage in craftsman’s valley that says “Owens farm barnstormer and Mountain Slidewinder up the hill.” The Mountain Slidewinder portion has been removed from that as well. So upon further digging and asking some employees they said slidewinder Is indeed done and that the slidewinder crew was informed that the 2018 season was indeed the last season for slidewinder. While it makes me sad due to it being a classic and one of the originals opening in 1987, and a fun ride and also one of the few rides on park that Dolly has actually ridden, I can also understand why it was canned. For starters it being non ADA friendly is a big thing plus I’m sure upkeep with the boat making etc is expensive.
  4. Good attendance on this Black Friday. Park had to open up the splash country lot and park guests at splash country.
  5. I’m very excited to see how wildwood grove turns out! Great addition to Dollywood. I bought a super gold pass for 2019, my first time ever buying a super pass. I wish they would add something new to Dollywood’s Splash Country next year, I’m also ready to hear the festival and show offerings and lineups for next year.
  6. I was at the park yesterday, while riding wild eagle I did get a whole 2.5 second look at slidewinder and the slides were still there. The rumbling of the ride being removed came from ride operators and they were as recent as the beginning of Great Pumpkin Luminights. I guess we will see. Dolly did a Facebook LIVE Q&A this morning and she said they did plan on building more resorts in the coming years maybe with a different theme than DreamMore.
  7. I think the concern started from the fact that Dollywood removed Mountainside Slidewinder from their website around Labor Day when it was closed for the season due to weather. I just checked the website and they've removed Daredevil Falls and Smoky Mountain River Rampage as well. I guarantee you they aren't removing all three of their water rides at once, so they probably just took them off the website since there's no chance of them opening at Smoky Mountain Christmas. I wasn’t sure, because the rumblings I heard were coming from ride operators in the park. Plus the last couple seasons they’ve only ran the ride from late May to Labor Day which is what silver dollar city did before waterworks was removed. On another note though, the park posted on Facebook that Dolly will be at the park this weekend to kickoff Smoky Mountain Christmas.
  8. I know this has been discussed earlier in the thread and the rumor was even put to rest when someone emailed the park concerning it, however, I am still hearing rumblings that mountain slidewinder is indeed done and being removed. Any thoughts? Or has anyone heard any additional rumors or speculations about it?
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