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  1. Oh man there are so many! I'd like to say Kinga Ka / Top Thrill Dragster, but they're so short, so I don't know of those two are really near the top of the list. Magnum, though, man. Seeing that ride on TV in 1989 changed my life forever. To this day, my family thinks I'm a freak because I love roller coaters so much. Still haven't been to Ohio, though. Maybe this summer / fall!
  2. No love for Vortex @ PGA?! With it's small, compact, extremely short and often-times painful layout?! c'mon! Haha! I thought that ride wa so damn cool when it opened with the tagline: "Vortex: Can you stand up to it?!" In all seriousness, though - RR. Great pacing on the ride and I love that it goes over the queue / exit about a billion times throughout the ride.
  3. Good point, Robb. It's not so much what you eat, but how much and how often. Don't go blaming fast food companies for making overly-fattening foods just because YOU can't stop eating them. They've always been fattening - the difference is that Americans have grown a dependence for them in many situations - as well as a "need" for bigger portions. Remember when the "Big Mac" was the biggest thing at McDonald's? Ok I'm done venting now.
  4. I'm not that big at all, but I don't think that seats have always been a bit tight - particularly on B&Ms. I can get into them no problem, but they're still REALLY tight. Not because of my weight, but because of my chest. I have a really broad chest and the OTS harnesses seem to always want to crush me. Batman/Riddler at Magic Mountain always seem to give me the most problems. I did notice, however, that Silver Bullet @ Knott's yesterday seemed to have a bit more slack in the belt. It was perfectly comfortable.
  5. These look absolutely fantastic, man! I've always agreed that there should be some sort of Lion King-themed attraction because there are so many "sets" that you could pull off with it. This is a great example of what could be done. Terrific job, pal!!
  6. I'm in the same boat. None of my friends want to go with me to the Solace or the West Coast Bash. I'm going, though, damnit! Somebody befriend me! Don't make me sit alone at lunch!!!! IM me or something please! heh heh. ---your desperate coaster-loving friend.
  7. I've always loved Top Gun's covers. They made me really start to be interested in the creative side of coasters.
  8. I've been thinking about this a lot lately. If you stop and think about it, the park REALLY lacks non-coaster rides. I mean, we all love them, of course, but you need some change in there. Upcharge attractions are cool, but other parks are still pulling in big crowds with permanent flat rides. I'm sure one reason is space - they don't have a lot of flat land to ad stuff like that, but there's plenty of stuff that I think could be removed or modified to add some different flats in there.
  9. I'd have to say this is an excuse, as well. I can specifically remember the damned thing running while i was at HH years ago. The ride is just absolutely terrible - the ride ops even hate it. It has a certain place in my heart, though. Poor thing. LOL.
  10. I always thought this was hilarious - especially since so much of Knott's has a hispanic theme to it. Really kind of gross. I don't want a coaster shooting out my butt along with God knows what else.
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