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  1. that first turn / 2nd drop looks WICKED! I'm excited to see it run. Maybe someday I'll get out there to ride it.
  2. Disneyland. New Year's Eve 2004. Awe-ful. Park was hitting capacity when we got there around 6 or 7 pm. We watched Fantasmic at the later show and there were so many people there you couldn't even move. It was so crowded that I was literally scared. Cast member seemed unable to handle the crowds and they, themselves, seemed scared, too. When the park closed just after midnight or so, everybody left and the trams were NOT running, so hundreds of people were walking back to the parking structure yelling at each other. Oh yeah and it was the COLDEST I've ever seen Southern California. It was FREEZING even in the sweater I was wearing.
  3. looks really fun. wish we had THAT version of Goliath here!
  4. I miss this every year, but I'm going to make it a point to do it this time!
  5. No, the track is so imperfect that when you put a loop on these sets, it takes up WAY TOO MUCH of the kinetic energy and you have to make the rest of your run significantly smaller. We had made a couple runs with loops, but they were way shorter. It totally reminds me of SpaceWarps, but with some MAJOR disadvantages. You can't do really tight elements - all the turns are pre-fab at 90 degrees - turns have NO BANKING WTF?! - and no lift, of course. Still fun, though, for something so cheap. We spent a few days solid playing with these. Yeah, we did a few layouts with big drops and stuff, but the house we were house sitting at had cats and they kept wreaking havoc on anything that was within their reach. I'm sure we'll do more runs in the future. I'll post vid if and when we do. I was thinking of taking it to the front yard and seeing what we could come up with.
  6. We found these on clearance at Target for $17 each (originally $45). We bought 3 and combined them. We have been spending WAY too much time playing with them!
  7. Wow yeah check this out! Glad that rides are much safer than THAT! I'm totally still gonna ride Xcelerator, but I'll think twice about it!
  8. I wonder how many regular every day elevator cables fail and we just don't hear about it. A quick Google brought up one immediate story from 2000: http://www.nytimes.com/2000/01/26/nyregion/elevator-cable-failed-at-empire-state-building-city-finds.html So maybe cable breaking is more common than we think? What about air craft carrier launch cables? I'm sure they must break, as well.
  9. Would scare the bejezus out of me, too. I have been stalled/stuck on rides plenty of times. Hell, I just got stalled on the lift of Goliath @ MM a few feet from the top a few weeks ago for about 10/15 mins while they reset the ride. People freaked out and were screaming, but that was just routine. Nothing really wrong. This event on Xcelerator was truly scary. Even as a coaster nerd, I would have been freaked, too, if my seat dislodged or whatever. I wonder if investigation photos will become public record at some point so we can all see the extent of the damage.
  10. As long as it's not another "Parking Lot: The Ride" like Scream, then I'm down. I love it when rides intertwine (see Tatsu/Orient Express/Revolution and Ninja/Jet Stream). I think a smaller ride tucked in somewhere could be really cool. I second the idea of using the dead space around riddler/freefall/batman overflow. that could be fun. make a small TwoFace attraction or something. That could be cool!
  11. Does anybody know how often the cables are generally changed on these? I would have imagined that with Xcelerator being down so much already this year that they would have already swapped the cable, but that's just an assumption. Also - other than visual inspection, is there a way to test the integrity of the cables? For instance, if one of the INNER strands of a cable is failing and maintenance can't see it (because it's on the inside of the strand bundle), how else would you even know something is occurring?
  12. I, for one, would like to see fewer record breakers and more innovation, theming, intricacy, etc. Look at log flumes, for instance, California has a lot of really good ones - Splash Mountain is amazing with the story, Timber Mountain Log Ride (Knott's) is dated, but still has some cool theming, Log Jammer at Magic Mountain is an incredible flume ride with the way it uses the terrain for the layout. None of these rides are record breaking - or were they ever. But they're effective because they're unique and interesting. I'd like to see more old school techniques coming back, too, like terrain coasters. We have VERY few of them in California, even though we have a lot of places to do that. Magic Moutain certainly got it right recently with Tatsu - the dive off the side of the hill is awesome - and how it intertwines with Revoution is also great. I'd really like to see more of this kind of thing. Space Mountain also comes to mind. It's not super high. It's not super fast. It's themed - but really a lot less than most attractions at Disneyland. But it's SUPER EFFECTIVE and always really fun. I'd really like to see more of this stuff happening again. More just fun rides rather than trying to break records. I'm sure that the gen. public would disagree, though.
  13. And all this talk of passing out on rides... I black out on Goliath @ SFMM in the final helix probably 1 out of 3 times I ride it.
  14. I really think the launch on Xcelerator @ Knott's is really good - I've also been on V2, Superman (SFMM), Screamin', Mr. Freeze, Hulk and Speed (Vegas). Xcelerator really gives that BURST of sudden speed more than the others I've been on. It's hands down my favorite.
  15. I vote for the various crews on Ninja @ SFMM... "Enjoy your ride on the Ninja HI-YA!" It's best when everybody in the train starts saying "hiYA!" back to the op and then it goes back and forth until the train leaves the station. Also... there was a guy dispatching Goliath @ SFMM a few months ago that just kept going "ohhh yeaahhhhhh" for no reason. It was funny.
  16. I say no.. not until they develop a system that works really well like everything else they do. Launched coasters seem to have LOTS of downtime like everybody has said here, but you know what bugs me? Old Schwartzkopf launch coasters never had lots of downtime! (Greezed Lightnin, Montezooma's Revenge, Tidal Wave, etc.) I say bring the old ghetto weight-drop catapult back! Haha!
  17. When Six Flags Discovery Kingdom opened it's first year (just as Marine World back in the day with Premiere Parks), I rode Boomerang over 200 times in one season. It was a novelty of having a coaster (ANY COASTER) in my home town as a teenager. I rode it so much that the ride ops new me by name. It was dumb. I lost count around 217. :: shrugs ::
  18. ok that corkscrew @ Michigan Adventure looks NOT OKAY! LOL!
  19. I'm always down with flume rides. This one looks pretty cool, but it lacks the old school flume in the air parts like on all of the old flume rides where you travel up high in the flumes (Yankee Clipper/Logger's Run @ PGA, Log Jammer @ SFMM). Still looks fun, though.
  20. looks like a blast! wish I could have gone I love the TX parks!
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