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  1. Just saw your scans of the old Marriott's Great America brochures from Santa Clara. Man, do those bring back memories. I used to have all of those, too! I was obsessed with that park growing up - it was the closest to us and it was an hour away, but I always wanted to go.


    LOVE the art direction on the cover of the brochure where it looks like construction paper. Super unique for that time - almost looks like something you'd see now.


    All the stuff about Vortex also reminded me of the glossy 8x10 the park sent me back in the day after Paramount purchased the park.


    Glossy 8x10 of Vortex from GA, circa 1995?


    Glossy 8x10 of Vortex from GA, circa 1995?

  2. I know I'm jumping in late, but I don't really like it. I think most of this has to do with the overall shittiness of Gadzoox font, but the yellow stroke really doesn't work for me. It's just really loud.


    Couldn't agree more about the font. I really HATE Gadzoox. No the style or anything. It's just drawn poorly and really bad type... but... the context as it's used, I think it looks pretty good!

  3. I like the latest version above all the previous variations, but is it possible to make the yellow outline a wee bit thinner? I also like the previous gradient, but I don't believe that would work with the outline...


    I wouldn't mind seeing the yellow outline 1/2 pt thinner, either. I think it's fine the way it is now, but would be cool to see it as just a hairline.

  4. If you switch back and forth between the version on the forum and the front page of the site (click the logo, then click "forum", then click the logo again, repeat) you can see the different between the two. I think the subtle change in colors really helps. Thoughts?


    I think the slightly darker green is really helping!

    The yellow just doesn't resolve well around that primary green. Nice, Robb!

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