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  1. With a ride like this none will miss Sierra Tonante!
  2. http://www.theparks.it/news.php?id=531 I want highlight to you what Ride Tek company said about this accident. Anyway this it is not the first coaster that this company design...it is the first one that they sign with their brand.
  3. belive me the are not working in NL (also because NL looks better in the rendering) work in this field is really difficoult, you can not try to "build one" and put it in you show room and waiting if someone will buy it... the rendering is the only way. And is not an artworks the track and the speed will be like that. the layout of the ALLinONE is not important it was only a way to show how the train works. I don't like that concept of ALLinONe but I think that is good that someone is working to find something really new.
  4. It's hypocrite close a normal topic where people is explain own opinion! I didn't tell is a good think...or a bad thing Some of the other said that i'm stupid to do it...and they have good reason... other people said: we did it every times and you discover the "hot water". I always thought that it was really great forum forum...(but i'm not so good in english) and I let Robb do advertise about his trips in my forum! And I think that the people inside are good yet...because they write back honestly (we are all fan of amusement park...) but maybe the administration is too connected with the parks... If you want here there is the last one video about this "philosophy" that many many coaster fans use aroun the world! ADMIN EDIT: LINK REMOVED See you around in the parks...in "one click version" or not...!
  5. The name of this philosophy come from a guest of my web site... the "one click" is the sound of the safety bar when is manually closing (specially on the old wooden coaster or in a "brucomela"). This is a video that explain that way to live a roller coaster unfortunately is in italian but you can understand everything following the movement of the actors. ####### Read this after watching the video ######## The basic concept is find a way to have the bars more opened (but in a safety way) in this way you can have more space to live air time sensation. (i'm working on the second part of this video) Tell me what do you think if you follow this "philosophy" usually!
  6. The problem is that now I living in Exeter, Devon...(city very far from london and from birmingham ). But I think that I will have to going to london and after to Alton Towers (is the cheapest way) Do you know a way from birmingham? (it's not very cheaper but I may go to visit the city and a my friend meanwhile!)
  7. Today I show a the web site of my Italian Community, it isn't very famous, but I think it isn't too bad. I like the graphic very much http://www.theparks.it
  8. I want go Alton Towers. !!!!!! Really a Great Trip Report.... Sorry, do you know how a pour italian student (in erasmus) can arrive to alton towers without a car? [The more simple and cheap way ]
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