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  1. It probably depends if they started the foundation work, and water/electric lines. If they already started that, they will probably just set up the slide which would only take a week or so to do. Dont you think? Seems like it would be more difficult to find a place to store it for a year, and keep it in good condition.
  2. Over the last 20 years, the park has added 2 coasters. 1 in 2008, and another in 2018. So i would say we will get another coaster in 2028, and it'll be about the same size as motocoaster and tantrum. I have no proof of this, but you asked what the odds were. So thats my guess.
  3. I guess spoons. Not sure how straws are worse then plastic-ware to the environment. Somebody will have to explain that. How many of those straws on the reusable cups were found littered around the park? I can definitely ssy i've found plastic-ware littered more often.
  4. Then why is Hook's Lagoon still open if the water blasters and dump buckets aren't no longer working and the slides closed off? Wait, are you suggesting we arent telling the truth? Have you never walked through hooks lagoon? There are plenty of things at hooks lagoon that make it worth it being open. Yet slot of the extras it used to offer do not work, which is disappointing
  5. I've done it a few times. It really is the best time to go. Getting to the park can be difficult, but once your there, you can ride everything in the park in just a couple of hours.
  6. Speaking of my last post, hey dnn, you still don't know? No evidence? Read through his past posts and you'll figure it out (maybe).
  7. ^ arent you the one who always comes on here asking for rumors and speculation about new stuff?
  8. They aren't blind, but they have the numbers of how much this would cost staring at them right in the face. If anything we are the blind ones. Ive gone to this park about 5 times this year, and was able to walk right on the viper, or get on it within 4 or 5 cycles.
  9. ^ Ropes? Have you ever been to Fright world or House of horrors in the area. They fit 6 haunted houses in one building. I don't think people will be upset if they end up in the "Wrong" haunted house line....
  10. Big is a matter of opinion. And I feel alot of theme parks have a 3 year plan to add something big, but then other suprise expenses come up, and they can't do it anymore. I'll believe a large attraction is coming, when they say its coming in less then 1 year....
  11. Good, so six flags is continuing adding an attraction at every park every year. So hopefully it is some flat ride to replace Pirate or Sleighride. Time to go!
  12. Was anybody in the haunted house inside the old batman theatre? They could fit the same haunted house in the Magic Show theatre if they wanted to. What a waste. But the only thing that would make Motocoaster a nice ride, would be turning it into a dark ride. Motocoaster and Tantrum are terribly undersized for Darien Lake. But I guess most parks around the country are building smaller coasters. I still wouldn't shed a tear if they moved Motocoaster across the street in the ride grave yard.
  13. The park has been using 1 train for many many years. They will be fine..... It sounds like many parks throughout the country have 1 train. Its not the late 90s or early 2000's anymore. When you have a season pass, you can predict the good days to go, when the park should be slower, and get on these rides much faster.
  14. They have 1 or 2 cars blocked off for the Fast past people when it is busy.
  15. Yeah, but this isnt about whats realistic anymore. Its just a 927 page letter to Six Flags Santa clause.
  16. Lights, the park desperately needs new synchronized lighting packages on everything! Maybe itll boost attendence for the late nights
  17. Its interesting going back to last year's discussion in August, and the theories people had. Eventually people seemed to land on Sky Screamer being the most realistic. While my dream would be all new LED lighting all across the park, and on most rides. I feel its most realistic that we will get a replacement splash pad to Hooks Lagoon, or a flying frisbee ride.
  18. I got it! Paw Patrol on the Loose! Gotta update it to modern day cartoons!
  19. Camp store prices are rather comparable to a typical convenient store you'd see in your home town. They are already crazy low prices for a theme park
  20. If your admission is covered, you might as well stop at Darien Lake. You can knock out the coasters and a few flats in 3 hours. Ride of Steel, Tantrum and Viper are decent enough.
  21. Something about boomerang this year is really bad. Or I'm just getting older.
  22. They can just name the predator this. I feel jumping through a table is about as painful as the last few rows...
  23. It doesnt have "most of its themeing". I thought the props are the whole point of the ride.... The moose is telling a story, and there's no visuals left except a dirty grill....
  24. I do agree, they have bigger issues. I was just thinking, it seems like even the original props they used, could be set up in an extremely short period of time. I think props were the best thing about the ride when it first opened. I feel any average person could set them up.
  25. Its really annoying, since the props needed to theme moose on the loose, probably cost less then a daily admission ticket to this park. Yet they still refuse to set them up.....
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