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  1. Visited today for the first time in 3 years. WoF is geographically my home park but SDC is spiritually my home park. With that in mind...


    The park looked awesome, as good as it has since the hunt days.


    First went to Prowler, it was closed. Did a nice hour or so marathon on Mamba, as good as ever. It was hauling and the midcourse was fairly light. Some of my best rides ever on it.


    Skipped over to Patriot, was fun, I'm not a big invert guy so whatever.


    Did steelhawk for the first time, terrible ops but a decent ride.


    Jumped over to Timber Wolf. Through the new turn, was fantastic. But my God the last turnaround and everything after was absolutely brutal. Unrideable IMO. I love the ride but it was baaaaad.


    Did another few laps after that on Mamba again. Not the most intense ride but running like it was today, I can't refuse airtime.


    Made it back to Prowler and did 5 or so laps. It's my favorite ride in the park, with some RMC level intensity on a GCI ride but the helix turnaround makes TW feel like Millennium Force. Just some awful jackhammering. Front seat, back, no matter the train it's awful. The first half is top 10 worthy, the rest needs some TLC. Plus the stacking meant if you were in the first half of the train you baked on the brake run for 5 mins.


    Wrapped up with 2 laps on Patriot and the GOAT flat ride Cyclone Sam's.


    All in all, a good day. Park is beautiful. But damn they need a top level coaster. I dream of a mini Cheetah Hunt on forum hill, and as sacreligious as it is, just RMC Timber Wolf. If you aren't GCIing the whole thing you just need to give up. Also every single beer stand was closed.



    Ops were not great but most people were in OOF so it was manageable. I am just bummed at how much potential this park has but I'd much rather drive the 3.5 hours to SDC (where I have a SP) than the 45 mins to this place.

  2. Good to know, makes my decision easier.


    I am staying near the convention center so it would be like 50 bucks to park the thing.


    That being said looks like I can get a car near the bus station for 60 bucks so thanks for the advice.


    I live in KC so nowhere near a decent SF and it's highly unlikely I'll visit another one this year but I'll do some more digging. How much is daily parking at the park?

  3. Know a decent rental place in downtown Philly?


    I'm not opposed to renting, I just can't leave Philly until 2pm so I'm trying to maximize my time at the park. But if a car can cut my price in half I'm willing to sacrifice a bit of time. Of course then I have to take parking into account. I do have a lead foot.


    My other reasoning for an Uber is that I enjoy a beer or 3 but idk what the beer situation at the park is.

  4. So I am going to be in Philly in a few days.


    Am debating ubering up to the park on Wednesday. At best I'll only be able to get there by 3. So I'll have at most 5 hours at the park. I assume I wont be able to ride everything but I want to ride El Toro with rerides, KK and Nitro at a minimum.


    Considering it looks like a $150 minimum 2 hour round trip plus the ticket cost, I am worried about the ROI. Does anyone here have any immediate concerns about my idea (i.e. school groups, ride closures, etc.)?


    Wednesday is my only possible day. I'm also willing to listen to ideas about cheaper ways to get there.

  5. The best kind of question....does anyone with experience with the park have a prediction on crowd levels today? Im thinking of making a spontaneous trip with how nice the weather is. If this is historically a busy day due to thd holiday, coupling that with the nice weather may not make it worth the 3.5 hour drive though?


    It will be a nightmare. I highly recommend not going.


    Last Saturday had 25k people. It was awful.

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