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  1. Just got back from a two and a half day trip from Cedar Point. This is my second time going to the park, the first was two years ago on a weekend in June. On that trip we rode basically everything. Lines for Valravn, TTD, and Maverick were long, so we only got a couple rides on each. The main attraction for us was Millennium Force which due to high capacity and shorter lines we rode at least 10+ times.


    This year the trip was in mid July, which we picked because the park was open until midnight. Would've been a huge mistake...... but we had FL+. We bought them way in advance, much cheaper than in the park prices of $105 on Friday and $155 on Saturday. Even at those prices, it would've been worth it.


    The FLP+ for Maverick, TTD, Valravn and Steel Vengeance all put you right into the station. TTD had half the station dedicated to FL+, on Steel Vengeance they put the FLP+ in the back (but you can request the front) and the other rides seemed to prioritize the FL+ (we even heard an outburst about it from another rider, LOL). With the exception of Steel Vengeance and ~noon-4PM on Saturday, the FL+ lines were basically nothing. The longest wait we did was for Steel Vengeance, which was about 30 minutes on Friday afternoon(though it I believe the listed wait got up to 45 min to an hour at peak times). At the right times, this ride (and everything else on FL+) was a walk on. Millenium Force merges into the normal line at about a 15 minute wait.


    With or without FL+, the park was the best after 6-7PM. The lines were shorter, it was cooler, the sun wasn't as intense, and it was overall more enjoyable. Just keep your mouth closed at night, unless you want a free snack.


    Before I talk about individual rides, I must say two things outside the rides made the park awesome:


    1) The staff. Friendly, caring and entertaining. They were awesome and accommodating.

    2) All day drink pass. ~$10 a day and you get a drink every 15 minutes. I rotated ice water and power-aid. I hate hot weather (and was worried that I'd be miserable in the heat), but I never felt uncomfortable, dehydrated or overheated even at noon on Saturday when it was 90F.




    Now onto the rides. The order I put them in is a nod to how I would rank them, but the rides in each tier are basically interchangeable as to how much I enjoy them.


    Steel Vengeance - (10+ rides) - Rode mostly in the back rows, but got to ride in the front a couple times. Amazing ride, especially at night. My right thigh is still bruised from all the ejector. After the first few rides I learned to hold on tight which was more enjoyable. To describe it in short, a hybrid of Millennium and Maverick, but that description doesn't do it justice. (As a side note, in retrospect I am very happy to have ridden Mean Streak, so I can appreciate the vast improvement that Steel Vengeance is.. But at the time of riding Mean Streak I didn't care for the beating it gave me).


    Millennium Force - (5+ rides) - If I had to pick one ride at Cedar Point to ride for the rest of my life, this is it. I love the drop, and I love the floater air. This is the most re-rideable of the tier 1. Night view is amazing. Back is the best, but front is also very fun.

    Maverick - (5+ rides) - After my first trip two years ago, I thought this was fun, but whipped me around too much. Now that I've "learned" to ride it, I love it and its not rough at all if you lean into the turns. I think the front is the best for this ride, especially during the launch.


    Top Thrill Dragster - (5+ rides) - We would've had more rides on this, but 3 or 4 times we were in line and it broke down. Luckily the wait was negligible due to FL+. We spent more time walking to TTD than we did waiting in line. I got to ride in the front twice; between the unobstructed view, the wind in your face, and being dangled above the drop, the front is so much better than any other seat. The line for the front was pretty long in the FL+ station, but you can ask the op to wait in the other line for front which was always much shorter. I'm sure the non FL+ people hated me.


    Tier 2:

    maXair - (5+ rides) - This one is a gem we almost missed the first time around, because we didn't think being spun around would be enjoyable. The spin is almost negligible, but the air time, being almost upside down, the views, and being swung towards the ground are all awesome. This one is a great ride that shouldn't be skipped.



    Wicked Twister - (5+ rides) - This is probably the most intense ride for me. Between the launches, twisting and going backwards, I can't ride this more than once without a break between. I think it is underrated and there was basically never a line. You've got to ride near the front or back, but I'm not sure which is better.


    Power Tower - (5+ rides) - I'm a sucker for the drop side. It is taller than it looks, and each of the four sides offer a different, wonderful view. The launch side is pretty good, but nothing beats that feeling of free fall.



    Valravn - (5+ rides) - As with Power Tower, I'm a sucker for the drops. I rode this two years ago in the middle row, and I've got to say this one is a front row or bust. The first drop with the dangle in the front row is great. The second drop is pretty good and the zero-G roll is fun.


    Gate Keeper - (5+ rides) - Got to ride this one in every significant spot (front right, front left, back right, back left). Love the wing over drop and the keyholes. This one is more enjoyable than it is thrilling.


    Sky Hawk - (3 rides) - This one is fun, but short. I'd rather ride maXair if I had a choice.


    Tier 3:

    Gemini - (2 rides) - This one is very fun if the trains are racing, especially if part of your group is in the other train.

    Iron Dragon - (1 ride) - Didn't do VR, but this one is fun as it swings you around. Not intense, but enjoyable.


    Raptor - (1 ride) - Intense ride, especially the helix at the end. One ride was enough, as I can get a similar ride in other parks, I'd rather ride other rides.


    Rougarou - (1 ride) - Was able to avoid head banging by keeping my head forward. Fun ride, but like Raptor, I'd rather ride other rides.


    Magnum XL 200 - (1 ride) - I can appreciate the history of the ride, and understand why people love it. I prefer floater over ejector, and the ejector in this ride is rough. I'd just rather ride other rides.


    Tier 4:

    Blue Streak - (0 rides) - Skipped. Rode it last trip and didn't want to ride it again. Like Magnum, I appreciate the history.


    Corkscrew - (0 rides) - Same as Blue Streak.


    Overall, the trip was amazing. Between FL+, amazing rides, the staff, the unlimited drinks, and being open until midnight, Cedar Point was a great destination.

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